Create Choose Your Own Adventure Videos

Earlier this week I was one of the instructors at the Ed Tech Teacher Teaching History With Technology workshop. Through one of the other instructors, Greg Kulowiec, I learned how to make videos that you upload to YouTube interactive. By using the spotlight annotation tool in the YouTube video editor you can insert into your […]

Socrative Student Response System

My name is Dennis Villano and I am the Director of Technology Integration for Burlington (MA) Public Schools. Thank you to Richard for this great opportunity to guest post about the Socrative student response system. Socrative is a rapidly evolving free web application that provides the easiest and most user-friendly experience I’ve seen from any […]

7 Tools Students Can Use to Create Music Online

Yesterday, I gave a short presentation on digital storytelling to the folks in attendance at the Ed Tech Teacher Teaching History With Technology workshop. One of the points I made to participants is that when creating multimedia digital stories the best way to avoid any kind of copyright issues is to have students create their […]

Weaving History – Create Timelines with Maps to Match

Weaving History is a promising website for history students and teachers. The purpose of Weaving History is to enable users to create timelines matched to maps. There are two basic functions that you need to know about in Weaving History; Factlets and Threads. Factlets are where you create short summaries about an event. Factlets include […]

Snag Learning Film of the Week – Disconnected

How long could your students go without going online? In 2008 three Carleton College students tested that question on themselves. Disconnected chronicles the “struggles” of those three students as they disconnect from the web. Follow along as the students try to re-adjust to life without Internet access. Watch the sixty minute video below and read […]

Tools for Creating Strong Passwords

As more and more of the important information in our lives moves online it becomes more and more important to use strong passwords. In addition to being in the habit of using strong passwords that contain letters, numbers, and special characters you should also be in the habit of changing your passwords regularly. Of course, […]

BBC Witness Podcasts – History Told By Those Who Experienced It

Earlier today I asked my Twitter network to share some of their favorite history podcasts. One of the podcasts that was mentioned over and over was the BBC’s Witness podcasts. The BBC’s Witness podcast series offers short, under 10 minutes, audio recordings of newscasts and interviews with people who experienced historical events first-hand. There are […]

Tildee – Create, Share, and Find Tech Tutorials

Tildee is a good site for creating, sharing, and locating tutorials for all kinds of technology-related things. Tildee provides a template and platform for sharing tutorials with others. Each tutorial you create is assigned a specific url that you can share with anyone. Your tutorials can include any combination of text, screen captures, and videos. […]

Cite Bite – Link Directly to Quotes in Webpages

Cite Bite is a simple tool for creating a direct link to a passage of text on a webpage. It’s a simple process to create a direct link to a quote using Cite Bite. To use the service just copy and paste the chunk of text you want to share into Cite Bite. Then copy […]

9 Places to Find Creative Commons & Public Domain Images

When students create multimedia projects they might be tempted to simply do a Google Images search and use the first images they see. But as educators we have a responsibility to teach students to respect copyright holders’ rights. One of the ways that we can do that is to teach students to use Creative Commons […]