Five Good Places to Find Images for Your Classroom

In this video, Richard looks at 5 preety cool sites where you can find photographs and illustrations that are free to use in your classroom. The images are either public domain or have some Creative Commons licensing attached to them. If you are making digital activities for your students, these are great resources to know […]

A New Chapter for Me

      On a November afternoon in 2007 I started writing at Back then I had no intention to keep it up  every day for the next sixteen years. It just happened because I liked doing it. Fast forward to today I’ve published more than 17,500 blog posts. Along the way, many of you […]

Seven Mind Mapping Tools to Try This Year

Earlier this week a reader emailed me to ask for my suggestions for online mind mapping tools for her students to use this fall. My preference is often to draw mind maps by hand and then digitize them by taking pictures with either the Google Keep or OneNote mobile apps. But that doesn’t work for […]

Five Great Microsoft Forms Features for Teachers

Most of the time I like Google Workspace tools better than the equivalent tools from Microsoft. There is one exception to that rule. That exception being forms. When it comes to making and publishing online forms, Microsoft Forms has more features that I like than Google Forms has. For example, there is nothing like the new live presentation […]

Five Tutorials on Google Earth Basics

  The start of the school year is when many of us are excited to try new and different things. If you’re looking for something new to try this year, take a look at my Around the World With Google Earth activity. It’s loosely based on The Amazing Race and it’s a fun way to introduce students to the […]

Lesson Plans for Setting SMART Goals This Fall

Storyboard That is a great tool that can be used for creating cartoons, flowcharts, timelines, and wireframes in addition to typical storyboards. Storyboard That also offers a huge library of lesson plans on everything from classic literature to history to cyber safety. One of those lesson plans is about helping students set and reach SMART goals. […]

Keep, Books, and Canva – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where it’s overcast and drizzly, again. It has been that kind of summer. Nonetheless, it has been a good summer filled with fun things for me and my family (my miserable cold not withstanding). I hope that it has been a good summer (or winter) for you as well. We have […]

Seven Mind Mapping Tools to Try This Year

Earlier this week I shared a handful of ways to use Book Creator this fall. At the bottom of that blog post, I mentioned Book Creator’s #clearthelist campaign. If you missed it, it’s a free opportunity to have Book Creator clear your classroom Amazon Wishlist of up to $500. All you have to do is enter […]

Google Classroom Overview for Parents

Last Friday I published a video in which I demonstrated the teacher view and student view of Google Classroom. A lot of people replied to ask if I had a similar one about the parent view of Google Classroom. I didn’t have one, but I was happy to refer people to this section of Sam […]

How to Use Microsoft Flip – Teacher and Student Views

It’s that time of year again when many of us are thinking about ways for our students to get to know each other and us. One popular way of doing that is through short video introductions. Microsoft Flip (formerly known as Flipgrid) provides a great platform on which to do that. As a teacher you […]