Free eBook for Learning the Basics of xHTML

Make Use Of recently released another good free ebook for folks interested in learning all things techy. How to Speak “Internet” Your Guide to xHTML is a thirty-nine page introduction to creating and working with xHTML code.  The guide is designed for folks who have few or no coding skills to speak of. In other […]

Register Your Class for Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge

For the fifth year in a row Scholastic is holding a summer reading challenge for students. By joining the summer reading challenge students are entered into sweepstakes for book prizes. Students can also participate in weekly reading challenges. To encourage participation in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge teachers can register their students in bulk. Scholastic […]

Month in Review – May’s Most Popular Posts

Greetings from Maine where the weather has finally turned for the better.  The picture to the left will attest to that. That’s the head of the Free Technology for Teachers health and wellness program that you see in the picture. I hope the weather is just as nice wherever you’re reading this from. Here are […]

The Science of Hitting a Baseball or a Softball

Sport Science on has couple of videos that are relevant as school winds-down and kids turn their attention to Little League baseball and softball. In MLB Vision Sport Science evaluates how quickly a player has to respond to a baseball thrown ninety miles per hour. Then to answer the question, can you really keep […]

Snag Learning Film of the Week – The Kartal

This week’s Snag Learning Film of the Week is The Kartal. The Kartal, produced by, is a short video featuring the traditional Indian instrument of the same name. The kartal (or khartal) is a small instrument created from two blocks of wood with small metal jingles attached and played with a clapping motion. Watch […]

What Else Should I Read This Summer?

Yesterday, I met my mother and step-father in Portland for lunch (I had meatloaf, it was delicious). Since I was in the big city, I took some time after lunch to go to Border’s and browse for a new book. Like a lot of teachers, I don’t have a whole lot of time to read during the […]

Guest Post – Sources of Funding and Free Stuff for Teachers

  by David Andrade, Teachers have always had to scrounge for funding and the current economic situation only makes this more of an issue. Even with government stimulus packages and big grants, teachers don’t see much money for our individual use. We’ve all wished we had more money to purchase books, supplies, equipment, and […]

Zondle – Games to Support Learning

Zondle is a provider of free games designed to help students practice recalling information. Zondle offers hundreds of combinations of topics and games. When you sign into Zondle select a subject area and topic. After selecting a topic Zondle will generate a list of games based on that topic that you can play. Registered users […]

America The Story of Us – Lesson Resources & More

This morning I turned on the television and saw that the History Channel was running a marathon presentation of their documentary series America The Story of Us. The entire series is twelve hours long. In those twelve hours the series covers everything from the settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth to the election of President Obama. […]

Week in Review – A Big Thank You

I have to start this week in review by saying thank you to everyone that emailed, Tweeted, Facebooked, and commented in support of my efforts to stop someone from wholesale plagiarism of my posts. That issue combined with the normal end-of-the-year stress that all educators deal with made for a long week. It was good […]