The Month in Review – January’s Most Popular Posts

It’s hard to believe it, but the first month of 2012 is just about over (or is over depending on when and where you are reading this). 2012 is off to a great start for Free Technology for Teachers. Thanks to all of you and your sharing of the posts here, this month saw a […]

An Animated Guide to Electric Circuits

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits is a neat series of interactive animations designed to help students of elementary and middle school age learn how electric circuits work. There are five sections to the series. Each sections builds upon the lessons of the previous section. The series starts with the basics of what makes a […]

Announcify – A Great Text to Speech App

Announcify is a free text to speech application that is available as a Chrome browser extension and as an Android app. With Announcify installed in your browser any time you’re viewing a webpage you can simply click on the Announcify icon in your browser and have that page read to you. A bonus aspect of […]

What is a Tsunami? A Video Explanation

Explania is a good place to find video explanations and interactive images that explain all kinds of things from the worlds of science, technology, sports, and health. Today, on Explania I discovered this excellent animated explanation of tsunamis. The two and a half minute video explains how tsunamis are created and the impact of tsunamis […]

Meet and Learn About Maine’s Black Bears

This morning I received an email from Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The email, which I’m sure every person who bought a Maine fishing license last year received, was a promotion for Maine’s Wildlife Research Foundation’s Meet Our Bears campaign. The Wildlife Research Foundation’s Meet Our Bears website features a live bear den […]

Classroom 2.0 Fifth Anniversary Book – Call for Submissions

Like many of you, I am a member Classroom 2.0. While I’m not as active in it as I would like to be (a man only has so many hours in a day) I think it is an invaluable place for educators to connect. So when Classroom 2.0’s founder, Steve Hargadon asked me to collaborate […]

Novels on Location

Novels on Location is neat use of Google Maps designed to help you find fiction works according to their geographical settings. When you visit Novels on Location you can find novels by clicking on the placemarks that you see or by using the location search bar in the upper, right corner of the site. If […]

Moglue – A Platform for Building Interactive eBooks

Moglue is a platform for creating interactive ebooks that can be viewed on iPads and soon will be available for viewing on Android tablets too. Moglue’s creation tools can be used on Windows and Apple computers. I initially reviewed Moglue back in October. Since then it has made a few changes. Moglue is free to […]

You, Google, Ads, Search, and Privacy

As you probably know, Google’s privacy policies were recently overhauled. The data that Google collects about your use of their services (including the Chrome web browser) is now shared across all of Google’s services. In other words, what you do with Chrome can be shared with Gmail, Google Music, or any of the other Google […]

AudioLiterate – Stream and Download Audiobooks

AudioLiterate is a new website offering free and paid audiobooks that you can listen to online or download to listen to on your favorite device. You can locate audiobooks on AudioLiterate according to author, genre, price, or title. The free audiobooks can be streamed chapter by chapter directly from AudioLiterate. The free audiobooks come from […]