The History and the Purpose of the US Census

This year a census of the United States is being taken. The CBS Fast Draw team has produced a short video that outlines the history and the purpose of census taking in the United States. The CBS video goes well with Say It Visually’s video on the same topic.Watch CBS News Videos Online

Mark Your Calendars – Google Apps Webinar

If your school has been considering switching over to Google Apps for Education, on February 10 Google is hosting a webinar you should consider attending. The webinar will feature the case study of the Clarkstown (NY) Central School District’s use of Google Apps for Education to create a collaborative curriculum portal for teachers throughout the […]

Time to Update the Browsers on School Computers

“We can’t do that because we’re not allowed to update the browsers or install anything.” This is a comment I hear from teachers more often than I would like. For various reasons, some well-intended, technology administrators insist on locking down computers so that staff cannot install updates. Unfortunately, by prohibiting updates those administrators are preventing […]

Three Places to Find Country Profiles

Comparing countries is a common assignment given to elementary, middle, and high school social studies students. Obviously, the required depth of analysis differs as the students get older, but there is some baseline data commonly used in all grades. The following are three good places for students to start their research for country comparison assignments. […]

Week in Review – New Page View Records!

Every weekend I like to publish a list of the most popular items of the week. I also like to take this time to say thank you to everyone that has subscribed to Free Technology for Teachers, Tweeted about it, become a Facebook fan, or otherwise helped to spread the word about Free Technology for […]

How to Publish a Quiz Using Google Docs

This is a post born out of a few conversations that I had this week with a few of my colleagues. All of the conversations centered around the time-consuming task of grading quizzes. In each conversation I mentioned that I’ve been using Google Forms for giving short multiple choice quizzes. I create the quizzes in […]

Follow EduCon 2.2 In Elluminate

EduCon is an education conference being held for the third year in a row, this weekend, at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. I have never been to EduCon, but it seems that everyone who has been to it raves about it. Some of the leading personalities in education technology will be leading conversations all […]

Find Great Children’s Literature

The Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature is a searchable database of more than 7,000 award-winning books for children. DAWCL was developed and is maintained by reference librarian Lisa Bartle. There are many ways to search the database to locate books which will appeal to your students and will meet your instructional needs. In addition to […]

Shift Your Perceptions

Every weekday the TED Blog features a new video from their catalog. Today’s video features Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, reminding us that there is more than one way to look at most problems. Through a clever use of Google Maps, Sivers reminds us that our students don’t always see the world the same […]

Support ISTE Newbie 2010 by Buying a Book

Last year because of the efforts of many of you, Beth Still, and VoiceThread I was able to attend the NECC/ ISTE conference for the first time. It was an awesome learning experience that I would have missed out on if Beth Still had not organized the fundraising effort. One of her co-conspirators (and I […]