5 Good Places for Free Video Clips for Your Digital Interactive Projects

In today’s digital age, incorporating multimedia elements into your teaching materials can significantly enhance the learning experience. If you are using TeacherMade to create interactive curriculum content, you already know how much your students engage with audio and video clips, but it’s hard to find the exact resources you need. To help you find the […]

5 Good Places to Find Free Audio Clips

Are you in search of quality audio clips to enhance your digital interactive curriculum? If you’re using TeacherMade, you know how easy it is now to incorporate multimedia elements into your digital curriculum, but where do you find free images, audio, and video resources??  Last week, we highlighted 5 Good Places for Free Images and […]

Celebrating Constitution Day with These Free Resources

As we approach the commemoration of Constitution Day, it is a golden opportunity to immerse students in the rich tapestry of our nation’s foundational document. The Constitution is not just a historical artifact; it is a living, breathing entity that governs the structure and function of our government to this very day. As educators, fostering […]

A Tour of the New Google Earth

In the latest update, Google Earth has unveiled a range of features that enhance the user’s experience, primarily accessible through the Chrome browser or the new app for Android. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: Enhanced Search and Exploration: Users can now search for a place they wish to explore directly from the […]

Create Custom Instructions for Chat GPT

Want to learn the nifty trick of personalizing your Chat GPT experience? It’s pretty straightforward and can save you lots of time in a prompting session. Load up Chat GPT and then pop over to the bottom left corner of your account page; you’ll find some dots to the right of your name. Give them […]

Admins: Manage Marketplace Apps in Google Workspace

In this tutorial, viewers are guided through the steps to manage access to Google Workspace Marketplace apps within a specific domain. The walkthrough demonstrates how to use the admin panel to control app accessibility for different user groups, including the option to revoke or grant access without uninstalling the apps entirely. It serves as a […]

5 Google Drive Features You May Be Overlooking

Today we’re introducing you to five Google Drive features that are often overlooked but can be incredibly beneficial. Let’s dive in and explore these features along with some tips.. Did you know you can add a description to your folders to give a brief overview of their contents? To do this, right-click on any folder […]