Khan Academy for Teachers is Now Free in US

Announced on May 21, 2024, the press release titled “Khan Academy and Microsoft partner to expand access to AI tools that personalize teaching and help make learning fun” by Sally Beatty discusses a new collaboration between Khan Academy and Microsoft to enhance educational tools through AI. The two companies are providing free access to AI-powered teaching assistant Khanmigo for Teachers to all K-12 educators in the U.S., using Microsoft’s Azure AI-optimized infrastructure.   Brief Overview of Khan Academy and Microsoft Announcement The article highlights how Khanmigo aids teachers by suggesting creative ways to teach abstract concepts using everyday items. Teachers can utilize Khanmigo to generate custom lesson plans, create student groupings, and adjust text difficulty for various learners, potentially saving teachers five hours a week.   Additionally, Microsoft and Khan Academy are exploring the development of small language models (SLMs) like Phi-3, which are more cost-effective and scalable for tasks such as math tutoring. This initiative is part of a broader effort to make teaching more sustainable and to bring personalized learning to more students.   The partnership also involves integrating Khan Academy content into Microsoft’s Copilot and Teams for Education apps, further extending the reach of these educational resources.

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AI Slide Generators: 4 Benefits for Teachers

Introduction In the ever-changing world of educational technology, AI slide generators can play a key role in transforming how instructional content is developed. AI slide generators are particularly valuable for their ability to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of lesson preparation and presentation, making them essential tools in contemporary classrooms.   Benefits of AI Slide Generators for Teachers AI slide generators assist teachers in crafting comprehensive and visually appealing educational content with remarkable efficiency. These tools are designed to understand pedagogical requirements and can automatically generate slides tailored to various subjects and educational levels. This saves time and allows educators to focus more on engaging with students and less on the time-consuming process of slide creation.   Utilizing AI-Generated Slides for Direct Instruction AI-generated slides are exceptionally useful for direct instruction in the classroom. They can be tailored to deliver key concepts and essential information in a structured format, making complex subjects more accessible and understandable for students. Teachers can integrate visual aids, diagrams, and important points into the slides to enhance comprehension and retention. This method streamlines lesson planning and ensures that presentations are engaging and informative, keeping students focused and enhancing their learning experience. These slides can be

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AI in Education: SlaySchool

SlaySchool: Another AI in Education Tool with Promise for Your Students AI in education has brought about many unique and useful tools. As we continue our look at worthy AI in education technologies, today we’ll take a deep dive into SlaySchool.  As educators, our goal is to engage students in the learning process effectively and efficiently. Traditional methods, like handwritten or digital flashcards, have long been a staple in study routines. However, SlaySchool, an innovative AI-powered tool, transforms these conventional approaches by creating interactive flashcards and quizzes from study materials, bypassing the labor necessary to produce a study deck.  By digitizing the flashcard creation process, SlaySchool saves time and enhances the learning experience with features like spaced repetition and active recall. This modern tool can be seamlessly integrated into classroom activities, improving both learning and teaching, and offering a faster pathway to success. In short, it’s a very useful application of AI in education for many of your students, not just another LLM wrapper tool.   Overview of is an advanced educational platform that leverages AI technology to effortlessly convert lectures, notes, and multimedia content into dynamic flashcards and quizzes. By simply uploading their study materials—whether PDFs, images,

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