Will Magic School AI Outlast the AI Gold Rush?

Many generative AI wrappers have popped up in the last 12 months of the AI Gold Rush. Flush with investor capital, there’s a new one every day. But how many of them will last past the AI Gold Rush? To last, you have to find a solid customer base. I think we can say Khanmigo for sure. And likely whatever Google and Microsoft integrate into their education spaces. The problem with most of the wrapper products in the education space is they output text combined with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions. That’s the extent of it– cool, but  who needs another multiple choice generator?? And most problematically, they leave delivery up to you. There are no instructional learning platforms on which to deliver your AI-generated content. That would be too expensive and too much of a commitment for most of these sites. But for we educators, it’s a huge problem!! In that regard, Magic School doesn’t provide a digital learning platform either. But it at least has integrations with Google and some LMS so you can get your content out of there and to your students with less friction. It also has a whole lot of other things specifically

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Free Ed Tech: TeacherMade’s Digital Learning Platform

And here’s some great news for FreeTech4Teacher educators looking for free ed tech: TeacherMade is free again and we’re offering you a 60-Day Free Trial of TeacherMade Pro, too.    What is TeacherMade? TeacherMade is a digital learning platform. It’s powerful ed tech for creating digital activities from PDFs– or from scratch. With intuitive, nuanced features, the platform offers over 23 question types and lets you seamlessly integrate multimedia elements, simulations, and hyperlinks into your materials. With automatic grading and real-time feedback, it’s a huge timesaver for teachers and a truly engaging learning environment for students.    Generous Free Ed Tech The free version is very generous! You can use it to make multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities for your students and assign it to them– with NO limits. We don’t limit your number of assignments, students, activity files, etc.    We also launched a free Shared Content Library last week. It’s still early days but there are likely a lot of TeacherMade activities that will work in your lesson plans. So go ahead and give TeacherMade a try if you’re looking for a digital teaching and learning platform. And feel free to use it every day!    For those

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AI Tutoring is Expensive; Sizzle is Free 

AI Tutoring is Powerful but Really Expensive!! AI tutoring is poised to be one of the most impactful and ethical uses of AI in education. Sizzle may be a cost-effective way for AI tutoring to reach every student. The well-heeled leader in the AI tutoring space is Khan Academy’s Khanmigo.  It’s a remarkable tool that offers an advanced and personalized learning experience. However, its excellence comes at a cost – $60 per student– although it is currently being offered at a discounted rate of $35. This price tag, while justifiable for the quality it offers, can be a high hurdle for many schools operating on tight budgets. For educators in such situations, there’s an exciting, cost-effective alternative: Sizzle.   Meet Sizzle – A Free AI Tutoring App Sizzle is a free AI-powered learning app that generates step-by-step answers to math equations word problems, and science content. The company recently launched four new features, including a grading capability, a feature that regenerates steps, an option to see multiple answers to one problem and the ability to upload photos of assignments.   Sizzle works similarly to math solver platforms like Photomath and Symbolab, but it can also solve word problems in subjects

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