Whatever the Reason, Free TeacherMade Activities are Here for the Season!

Whatever the Reason, Free TeacherMade Activities are Here for the Season! There is so much to celebrate at this time of year– and with free TeacherMade activities, it’s easy to get in the spirit! There are so many teachable events– how snowflakes are formed, solstices vs. equinoxes, where Christmas comes from, why there are several spellings of (Ch)Hanukkah, and what does the word “Kwanzaa” mean? Find free TeacherMade activities  below that answer many of these questions. They also help to keep your students occupied as the calendar creeps closer to Winter Break! Winter-Themed Activities ELA: Winter Word Search Description: Great for students of all ages! Students will search for winter vocabulary in a word search. Great for students to do independently or with their peers! Grade: All Grade Levels Item Types: Students will use the highlighter tool Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/Uoijc4IyQUedXJWUz1Lpiw/ ELA: Winter Mad Libs Description: Students will fill in a word of their choice that matches the part of speech below to make a writing piece about winter! Students can share these with their family and friends. Grade: All Grade Levels Item Types: Short Answer Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/9hXfppdqR-y615YzYl_Hgg/ ELA: Winter Riddles Description: Students will read the six riddles and then guess what

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Thankful for Educators Everywhere

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA, a time when we ask ourselves what we’re thankful for. It may sound trite, but it’s heartfelt… we’re thankful for educators everywhere. Can you imagine where we’d be without you?? Every day you wage war against our lesser proclivities and, despite how it feels when you scroll through your news feed, you almost always win! So as we near Turkey Day, please know that we give thanks that you are fighting each day to make this world a better place. ♥ Here are some free TeacherMade activities that you can share with your teachers and students as the holiday approaches. It’s always handy to have some extra “ammo” as focus wanes…      ELA/SS: Thanksgiving Day Description: Students will read all about the Thanksgiving holiday in this brief passage. They will then answer a variety of question types to assess their comprehension. Grade: Grades 3-5  Item Types: Multiple Choice, Checkbox, True/False Link: Thanksgiving Day ELA: Thanksgiving Cloze Description: Have your students review the parts of speech by completing this Thanksgiving MadLibs! Students will fill in the blanks with the correct part of speech to make a gratitude writing. After they will answer two open answer

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Turning Text into Educational Videos with AI-Powered Tools

In this post, we’re looking at AI tools that let you turn text into videos. In some cases, it will even write the text for you! We all know that it’s challenging to keep students engaged in an increasingly digital world. Using videos more often is one way to capture their attention.    Exploring AI Video Creation Tools for Educators AI-powered video creation platforms are a game-changer for teachers– and there are a lot of tools to choose from.    Each AI video creation platform offers unique features that can aid in different aspects of teaching. Here’s a rundown of some of the best tools out there.   Simpleshow.com Simpleshow makes video creation as simple as typing out a lesson plan. Its AI-driven interface helps educators create animated videos that explain complex concepts in simple terms. Whether it’s a tricky math problem or a historical event, simpleshow can help you break it down into easily digestible visuals. Richard Byrne did a an in-depth video on how simpleshow.com works using the free version. Click to watch him in action.   Animaker Animaker is a user-friendly platform that empowers teachers to create animated videos effortlessly. Its robust library of animations, stock footage,

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Thank You Readers for 16 Amazing Years!