November’s Most Popular Posts on Free Technology for Teachers

Morrison and his toy duck. Good evening from the Free Technology for Teachers world headquarters in Greenwood, Maine. The days are shorter and colder, but the blog posts just keep on coming. Typing keeps me warm. It’s the end of November and as I do every month I have put together a list of the […]

Take a Narrated Tour of the Solar System

3D Solar System Web is a neat website that I discovered through the Chrome web store. 3D Solar System Web features a narrated tour of the solar system beginning at the sun and working out through all of the planets. The tour explains the classifications of each planet, how long it takes each planet to […]

NASA Kids’ Club – Games and More for K-4

NASA Kids’ Club is a new offering from NASA that features games, interactive activities, and images for students to explore, play, and learn from. At the center of the NASA Kids’ Club is a set of games and interactive activities arranged on five skill levels. The activities range from simple things like guessing numbers in […]

VoiceThread – One of My All-Time Favorite Tools

This afternoon after my Best of the Web presentation at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference I had a nice conversation with a a teacher who was looking for a way to have her students collaboratively create a presentation about their favorite apps. My suggestion was to try VoiceThread. On VoiceThread her students could upload a […]

60 of the Best Websites and Apps for Teachers

Today, at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire I gave my Best of the Web presentation to a packed room. This is my most requested presentation wherever I go. Today, I rolled out my latest updates to the presentation. With the exception of seven or eight items everything shared in the slides […]

How to Search Gmail by Attachment Size and Date

Yesterday, I shared the Gmail+1 “hack.” Today, I have another handy Gmail trick for you. In Gmail you can search for attachments by date and by file size. So if you can’t remember who sent you an attachment try these tips demonstrated in the Tekzilla video embedded below.

The Differences Between Projects and Project Based Learning

Amy Mayer recently published a nice chart that breaks down the differences between “doing projects” and “project based learning.” The chart, which you can get in its entirety from Amy’s blog, does a nice job of breaking down the differences between these two commonly and incorrectly interchanged terms. Amy published the chart using Google Drive […]

5 Years and 52,000 Subscribers Later…

Image Source This post is straight out of the navel gazing department. Five years ago today Free Technology for Teachers got started with this post. When I started I didn’t really know what I was doing, I was just trying to write about neat things that I was finding and trying out. Five years and […]

How to Create PDFs in Google Drive in Three Steps

This morning I received a question from a reader who wanted to know if it is possible to create PDFs in Google Documents and if so how can it be done. I figured that if one person is asking there are probably others who would also like to know the answer to that question. The […]

Gmail+1 = Student Email Addresses to Register for Online Services

The Gmail+1″hack” isn’t a new trick and I can’t remember when I first tried it, but it still works and it still provides a solution to a problem that a lot of teachers run into when they want their students to use a new web tool. Let’s say there’s a new service that I want […]