Badges, Takeout, and Dubbing – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where the sun is shining and it might get above 60F for the first time in a long time. We’re going to play outside with our Tinkergarten class, ride bikes, and probably do a bit of garden work as well. Our dogs will enjoy lounging in the sun. I hope that […]

Mentimeter – Share Slides and Poll Your Class on One Screen

Mentimeter is an online polling and quiz tool that I’ve used since its launch over a decade ago. In that time it has evolved and added lots of helpful features for teachers. One of those features is the ability to broadcast your slides to your students’ computers, tablets, and phones. Doing that makes it easy […]

50 Ideas for Summer Workshop Sessions

Are you a tech coach, tech integrator, or media specialist who has been asked to run some summer workshops for your staff? If so, I have a resource for you! I created 50 Tech Tuesday Tips with you in mind.  50 Tech Tuesday Tips was curated from more than 400 editions of The Practical Ed Tech Newsletter. […]

DisplayNote – Broadcast Your Screen to Your Students’ Computers

DisplayNote Broadcast is a free tool for broadcasting whatever is on your screen to the screens on your students’ laptops, iPads, and phones. One of the best things about DisplayNote Broadcast is that it works on any computers and you don’t have to install any software in order to use it. Additionally, your students don’t […]

Digital Empowerment Journals for Students

A few weeks ago I shared a collection of resources for fun physical education activities. That collection featured free resources for National Field Day organized by OPEN PhysEd. OPEN is a public service funded by Varsity Brands who also offers some excellent free resources for teachers and students. One of those resources is a program called […]

How to Download and Reuse Google Drive Files

Yesterday I published a post about using Google Takeout to download the contents of your Google Workspace account before leaving a job. If you only want or need a handful of files, there is an easier option than using Google Takeout. That option is to simply download the individual files in your Google Drive account […]

How I Dubbed My Video About Creating a Professional Development Series

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, you probably noticed that my latest video was dubbed into Spanish. No, I didn’t suddenly become fluent in Spanish (Clinton was in office during my last attempts at speaking in Spanish). I was able to dub the video into Spanish by using a new service called Aloud.  Aloud […]

Changing Schools After This Year? Use Google Takeout Before You Go

In the last week I’ve had a couple of people reach out to me for advice on what to do with their Google Drive files when they leave their current jobs at the end of the school year. My answer was to use Google Takeout to create zip files that they can re-use when they […]

How to Use Calendly and Zoom Together

A few days ago I published a blog post about how I was able to streamline my appointment scheduling process. In that post I wrote about using Calendly’s free appointment booking tool and its integration with Zoom. A long-time reader of my blog asked if I could make a video about that process. I was […]

A New PowerPoint Recording Option

For a couple of years now I’ve been using and recommending Canva’s presentation recording tool because it has a built-in teleprompter. That feature lets you record your video while viewing your speaker notes, but the speaker notes don’t appear in the final recording. The latest version of PowerPoint now includes that same capability.  Mike Tholfsen […]