YTTM – Search for Videos by Year

YTTM (which we’re led to believe means YouTube Time Machine) is a new service that allows you to search for videos by year and genre. The premise of YTTM is simple; select a genre, select a year, watch a video. Want see a television commercial from 1975? Select the “commercials” filter then move the timeline […]

Adobe’s Project ROME Looks Promising

Last Monday I bookmarked an article on ZDNet about Adobe’s new Project ROME for Education to read later. I now wish I hadn’t waited. After trying it out for the better part of an hour, I can describe Project ROME as a combination of the best elements of Glogster, Apple’s Pages, Keynote, and touch of GIMP thrown-in […]

Augmented Reality Art

The Getty Museum has introduced a new way to view art, augmented reality. As employed by The Getty, augmented reality creates 3D displays of art from printed PDF codes displayed in front of a webcam. The example that The Getty provides in the video below is a 3D display of one of the cabinets of curiosities […]

Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good morning from Maine where the weather is reminding me that winter is quickly approaching. I hope everyone had a great week and will have an even better weekend. If you’re taking children trick-o-treating this weekend, enjoy it. Here are this week’s most popular posts: 1. 5 Good Resources for Learning the Periodic Table 2. […] Acquired by Facebook – Get Your Data

I’ve been a huge fan and advocate for since the first month of their launch (this blog and started about the same time). This evening Jerry Swiatek directed my attention to a TechCrunch post reporting that is shutting down. confirms it on their blog, they’ve been bought out by Facebook and […]

Looking for Lesson Materials? Try OER Commons

Earlier this week I mentioned on Twitter that I had introduced a couple of my colleagues to the Open Educational Resources Commons. They took off running with some of the things they found on the OER Commons. In fact, it was through one of them that I learned about Math Open Reference which was linked […]

Best Professional Development Meeting in Years!

Today was a staff development day at my school. For the first time in years we had nearly the whole day to talk with our departmental colleagues about our challenges, our successes, and what we’re doing in our classrooms. Now, just to clarify we’ve had days where an hour or so was spent that way, […]

Resources About the Great Depression

Today marks the 81st anniversary of Black Tuesday, the day that the stock market crashed triggering the Great Depression. Below you will find some videos and links to lessons related to the Great Depression. On YouTube I came across a playlist of 43 videos about Black Tuesday and the Great Depression. The playlist is a […]

New Underwater Images from Panoramio

Panoramio recently made an announcement that should be of interest teachers using Google Earth in their classrooms. Panoramio is now accepting underwater imagery. The new underwater imagery contributed to Panoramio should enhance the underwater layers of Google Earth. If you’ve never explored the underwater imagery of Google Earth, the video below offers a short introduction. […]

Learnopia – A Place for Hosting Online Courses

Learnopia is a new service that offers hosting for online courses. Learnopia is also a place to find and take online courses. If course creators make their courses free for others to take, then hosting is free.  Currently, there are courses on Learnopia that are free and others that require payment. Applications for Education If […]