Free Technology For Teachers: Hello Google Docs Offline! Goodbye Word Processor

Today Google announced an offline feature for Google Documents. Now Google Docs users can work on documents without being connected to the Internet. The only reason I haven’t fully committed to using Google Docs for all of my word processing needs is the need to be online to edit my work. With the new offline […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Free Reading – Open Resource for Literacy Education

Free is a wiki full of great resources for early literacy teachers. Free is full of lesson plans incorporating children’s literature. Free Reading also includes many activities incorporating basic phonics and letter recognition. The video section of Free contains videos of teachers and students carrying out the activities found on the website. […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Math Cats- Math Games for Elementary Kids

Since I posted the mouse video earlier, it is only fitting that I talk about Math Cats now. Math Cats is a website full of short math activities and math games. The activities and games are based on word problems. What is nice about the games is that they are fairly straight-forward and easy for […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Planning Time and Mice

In the school where teach all teachers have a cubicle workspace and we travel to various classrooms throughout the day. Today, in the cubicle room we found a mouse. Being “a man” I trapped the mouse and put it in a box to show my students later today before we release it.Here is my little […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Ocean of Know

The Ocean of Know is a great resource for activities and information about marine biology and biology in general. The Ocean of Know provide teachers and students with interactive web quests and virtual simulations. The resources on the Ocean of Know are appropriate for a wide range of grade levels including upper elementary grades through […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Open Range Expands WiFi to Rural Areas

When I drove around the Western US two years ago I heard on the radio (never watched TV on the trip) many commercials for satellite Internet service. Most of those services were very expensive. Hopefully, this week’s announcement from the USDA will change that. This week the USDA announced that they are loaning $267 million […]

Free Technology For Teachers: What is Technology Integration?

Episode 12 of Wicked Decent Learning has a great discussion about what is and is not technology integration. I was glad to hear Jeff and Dan say what I’ve been saying to people in my school district, “throwing your lecture notes on to PowerPoint is not technology integration.” (Yes, Jeff and Dan I am paraphrasing). […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Google Maps adds Yosemite and New Cities

Google Maps has added new cities and Yosemite National Park to its Street View application. Street View, as the name implies, offers ground level views of places on Google Maps. The Street View application is a good tool for showing students a view of how a city or place would look if they were walking […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Bluetooth Challenges Tradition in Saudi Arabia

American Public Media aired an interesting story last week about the role technology is playing in challenging “matching making” tradition and Islamic law in Saudi Arabia. The story focuses on how young people are using Bluetooth technology to secretly arrange meetings. As a Social Studies teacher I found the story interesting as a discussion about […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Online Family Tree

Creating family trees is a good way to introduce younger students to genealogy, history, and timelines. It’s Our is a new free program for charting your family tree. It’s Our is very easy to use. There are pop-up menus (easily disabled) that will walk you through each step of charting your family tree. […]