Guest Post – End of the school year approaches – lesson ideas and reflection

By David Andrade, We are quickly approaching the end of the school year. Advanced Placement Exams start next week, effectively the end of AP classes (although I do a lot of projects with my AP students after their exam). The student’s last day of school is June 21st and teachers finish on June 22nd. Seniors will […]

Tearing Down Your Classroom Walls

Kara Cornejo-5th grade teacher at Zion Lutheran School in St. Charles, Missouri.  Twitter: @karacornejo Skype: karacornejo Classroom Blog Teachers have been using Skype to connect with other classrooms for a while now. However, teachers like myself, have had to use other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to start the initial conversation with these […]

Crowd Sourcing Solutions to Teen Pregnancy – Guest Post

This is a guest post from Jim Sill. Jim is a Google Certified Teacher and all around good guy that I had the pleasure of meeting at ISTE last year. Jim Sill is a video production teacher at El Diamante High School, Visalia, CA. Over the years, his award winning students have produced videos that […]

Using teaching as inquiry to guide an eLearning action plan

My name is Claire Amos and I am the Director of eLearning at Epsom Girls Grammar School in Auckland, New Zealand. I lead our ICT Professional Development contract, which means I get to split my time between teaching (High School English) and leading eLearning professional development for our teaching staff. This year I am working […]

Month in Review – April’s Most Popular Posts

Greetings from Omaha, Nebraska where I’ve just finished a full day of presentations at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association’s annual conference. I was totally impressed by the organization of the event and the great people I met here. It was great to see so many people come out to learn about how they can use […] – Music Videos About Economics

Econ Stories is a great website that I just learned about through Lee Lefever’s post on the Common Craft Blog. Econ Stories produces videos and articles that explain the differences between the economic theories made popular by John Maynard Keynes and F.A. Hayek. Econ Stories offers four mini documentaries and three informative and entertaining music […]

A Brief History of Royal Weddings

When I turned on the television this morning, all I could find was coverage of the Royal Wedding and the NFL Draft. I can’t make much of a connection to the NFL Draft and the classroom, but there is a potential connection for the Royal Wedding and a history classroom. The video below features Emory […]

7 Simple To-do List Services for Students

Creating to-do lists and knocking off tasks one by one can help students not only prioritize and track tasks, it can also help them feel like they’re accomplishing something each time they check off a task. I’ve reviewed a lot of to-do list and task management applications over the years, but I still like the […]

Lesson Plan – Develop a Business Plan for Yourself

This post is another follow-up to something I mentioned on Twitter today. Today, the students in my Global Identity and Interaction class (I only have six students in the class) pitched their business plans to an angel investor (this person actually was a prominent businessman in our community before retiring). The purpose of giving the […]