Free Lesson Plans for Mouse Mischief

Yesterday I wrote a post about Microsoft’s new free add-on for PowerPoint called Mouse Mischief. At the time that I wrote that post about Mouse Mischief I was working from a press release. Today, I learned that Microsoft has developed twenty-five templates for lesson plans incorporating Mouse Mischief. The templates can be used to teach […]

Month in Review – April’s Most Popular Items

It seems like just yesterday I was posting an April Fool’s joke about Magic Grade and now the end of the month is here. This month Free Technology for Teachers reached a new record high for subscribers as the 21,000 mark was surpassed. Welcome to all of the new subscribers, I hope you continue to […]

Bubba Brain – Review Games for SAT and AP Exams

Bubba Brain is a simple site packed with review games for students preparing for the SAT and AP exams. Bubba Brain also has some games for elementary and middle school subjects. The games all use the same format of giving a definition and asking students to find the word or term that it matches. Once […]

The Science of Music

The Science of Music, created by the folks at Exploratorium, is a fun series of lessons and activities about music. The Science of Music offers six exhibits containing interactive elements for students to use in exploring rhythms and sounds. One of the exhibits that I particularly enjoyed experimenting with is Kitchen Sink-o-Pation. In Kitchen Sink-o-Pation […]

Google Virtual Keyboard for Search

Using a QWERTY keyboard to type search terms in some foreign languages can be difficult. To alleviate this problem, Google has just launched a virtual keyboard for search. The virtual keyboard for search is available for 35 languages supported by Google. To launch the virtual keyboard, simply click the keyboard icon that appears at the […]

Microsoft Mouse Mischief – Free PowerPoint Add-on

Microsoft Mouse Mischief is a new free add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint. Mouse Mischief is designed as an inexpensive alternative to clicker-type response systems. Mouse Mischief allows teachers to put multiple choice questions into their PowerPoint slides. Students can then answer the questions using mice connected to their teacher’s computer. Mouse Mischief works with both wired […]

Gulf Oil Spill Overview – CNN Student News

Today’s episode of CNN Student News leads off with a segment about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The segment contains some aerial footage as well as map footage of the areas affected and potentially affected if the oil slick continues to expand. As always CNN has furnished printable maps and discussion guides […]

Tech Training Wheels – How-to Videos for Teachers

Tech Training Wheels is a new video sharing site designed and built by five Google Certified Teachers. The purpose of the site is to share how-to videos for teachers. Right now the videos on the site are five videos on the site and they are all how-to videos related to using Google products. The site […]

Vocab Sushi – Fresh, Bitesize Vocabulary Practice

There are a lot of flashcard websites and vocabulary practice websites on the Internet so it takes a lot for me be impressed when I see yet another vocabulary practice website. Vocab Sushi has impressed me with its offerings. Vocab Sushi is designed to help students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, […]

Videos About the Hubble Telescope and More

Yesterday, I shared a video about and link to a Google Earth tour featuring imagery captured by the Hubble telescope. This evening I came across a series of videos produced about the Hubble telescope, the technology behind it, and the imagery it has captured. The videos also get into a discussion of theories about the […]