Free Technology For Teachers: Connexions – Open Source Learning

Connexions is a depot of open source textbooks and lessons. Connexions has thousands of open source textbooks that teachers and students can access for free. I have written about the benefits of open source software and programs in the past which you can read by clicking here. In the video below Richard Baraniuk gives a […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Wind Energy Projects

The Kid Wind Project is a web resource for lesson plans and materials related to studying wind power. There are lesson plans and materials appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school students on the Kid Wind Project website. Applications for EducatorsWind Power and alternative energy sources have been hot topics in the news over the […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Educational Uses for Ipods

One of my favorite websites, Open Culture, has reposted a list of ten ways to make your Ipod a better learning gadget. The list covers the basic uses of Ipods for education. The list also included a couple of more advanced ideas about using Ipods as an educational device. My favorite item from Open Culture’s […]

Build Your Own Jeopardy

Wolfe Science has an open source Build Your Own Jeopardy program that works on Window and Mac platforms. This build your own jeopardy program is better than some of the others I’ve tried because you can embed video and audio files as a part of your questions. The Build Your Own Jeopardy web page has […]

Free Technology For Teachers: World Wide Telescope

At the Ted Conference taking place this week, Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope was introduced. The World Wide Telescope is a virtual telescope that can be used to explore the astronomy of the universe. For science teachers the World Wide Telescope will be a great resource for classroom use. The program is not available yet, but […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Advertising Education – Ad Decoder

The Ad Decoder game is produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The game appears on the B.A.M. (body and mind) section of their website. BAM is full of great resources for health and physical education teachers. Applications for EducatorsThe Ad Decoder game is a great way to teach students to recognize deceptions […]

Adapting to Shifts in the Media Consumption Habits of Students

A few years ago I began to notice a change in the attention span of teenagers when it came to watching videos in class. At first I thought it was because the videos were boring, but then I noticed that teenagers at the movie theater couldn’t watch a movie without talking or text messaging. There […]

Open Source Video Player- Miro

Yesterday I downloaded and used Miro for the first time, I cannot believe I waited so long to try it. Miro is simply the best open source media player I’ve tried out, and I’ve tried many. Miro is video player that host thousands of video channels aggregated from major media outlets like the AP, CBS, […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Humanities in Maine

Here’s a shameless plug for a blog my compadre, Jim Wells, has started. Jim plans to write Humanities in Maine with a focus on resources for humanities education. His first post is about keeping up with the news. I’m looking forward to great things from Jim.

Free Technology For Teachers: Google Sites- Google’s New Wiki Platform

Google Sites launched today. Google Sites is Google’s new wiki platform. I’ve previously written about using wiki programs in the classroom (click here) so I’ll just summarize the uses for a classroom wiki. A wiki is a great way to have students collaborate on the construction of a knowledge resource. For example, my students have […]