Get Kids Writing

What a twit! That’s what my mother would say to my siblings and I when we were being too fresh. Well now being a “twit” can be a good thing. In fact, I’ve recently created a whole class of “twits.”Twitter is a program that allows students to create miniature blogs in a format that most […]

Mind Mapping- Graphic Organizers

Mind Maps or Graphic Organizers are great instructional tools in a wide variety of content areas. Graphic organizers can be used in Math to show the sequence of problem solving. Mind Maps are commonly used in the Humanities to help students develop their thoughts before writing an essay. I frequently use graphic organizers in my […]

Online Student Collaboration Part II

A few days ago I wrote about using Wikis as a means to have students collaborate. Today, I want to share a program I’ve started to use with some of my students called Kaltura.Kaltura is a program that allows you to upload video, pictures, and audio recordings to make video presentation. Many programs offer this […]

Sharing information with Parents and Students online

Many school districts across the country are using web-based programs to host, track, and share information about students’ progress. Power Campus and Infinite Campus are two programs that come to mind. What those programs lack is an option for teachers to quickly and easily upload the information that they share to their students in the […]

Online Student Collaboration (Wiki Q&A)

This post was updated in May of 2019 to remove links to services that no longer exist. The concepts explained are still pertinent today.  A year or two ago reports in the media of rampant misinformation on Wikipedia damaged the good news about Wikis. If you’re still operating from the point of view that Wiki’s […]

Rubrics made easy

Writing rubrics can be time consuming, but fortunately the people at 4teachers.orghave created some tools to make your life easier. makes a suite of programs that vary in levels of utility depending on the grade level you teach. The focus of the video I’ve included here is on Rubistar. Rubistar is a rubric making […]

Getting Started

Welcome! Welcome to the launch of a free (yes, you read that correctly) resource intended to help teachers of all grade levels and content areas (including math) gain ideas, tips, and locate other free resources to improve their students’ academic success. Whether you are just starting to use web technologies as a part of your […]