Free Sets of “A People’s History of the United States”

The Zinn Education Project, named after the noted historian Howard Zinn, is giving away twenty classroom sets of Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Each classroom set consists of twenty-five copies of the book. In order to win a set teachers need to submit a short story about how they use A People’s […]

Tagul – Like Wordle With Hyperlinks

Tagul is a free word cloud generator that offers one clear difference compared to other word cloud generators like Wordle. The difference between Wordle and Tagul is when you create a word cloud with Tagul, every word in your word cloud is linked to a Google search. Click on any word in your word cloud […]

Arounder – 360 Degree Tours of Cities and the Moon

Arounder is a free site that offers 3D views of famous places in European cities, North American locations, and the Moon. The imagery is very clear and detailed. Visitors can explore 360 degrees of each image using the simple navigation tools that appear at the bottom of every image. When you’re on the Arounder homepage […]

Social Media Explained Visually

Social Media is the current buzz phrase of business and the online world. TEDxNYED was organized around the idea of social media and new media’s role in education. But, what does the term “social media” really mean? Say It Visually has an answer for you, check it out in the video below. Applications for EducationIn […]

JayCut Launches New Video Editing Platform

I first learned about JayCut last summer and was actually excited about using it in my classroom as a lightweight web-based video editor, but then it went offline for a while as JayCut was retooled. Today, JayCut relaunched its free, online, video editing service. After my initial testing of JayCut I can say it was […]

Freeology – Free Printables for Teachers

Freeology is a site that provides dozens of printable forms teachers. Freeology offers dozens of free graphic organizer forms, calendars, awards forms, and coloring pages. Teachers can also take advantage of Freeology’s free math worksheet creator and free wordsearch generator. All of the forms on Freeology can be downloaded as PDFs. Applications for EducationAlthough I […]

Interactive Bills and the History of the US Mint

The US Mint has some good online games and activities for young students (elementary grades). Two of the resources that stand out are an interactive look at the security features of US currency and an interactive timeline of the history of the US Mint. The interactive bills allow students to explore the counterfeiting-prevention elements installed […]

Live Webinar Tonight with Sir Ken Robinson

Just a quick reminder, tonight at 8pm EST, 5pm PST The Future of Education is hosting a free webinar with Sir Ken Robinson. Here’s a primer to get you ready for tonight’s webinar.

Tour the Sistine Chapel Online

Most of my students will not visit the Sistine Chapel anytime in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean they can’t explore the frescoes and paintings of the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museums website hosts a fairly detailed virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. The tour allows visitors to zoom in on small areas and […]

Udemy – Free Platform for Teaching Courses Online

Udemy is a new free platform for teaching courses online. Anyone can sign-up for Udemy and start creating courses in minutes. Udemy offers a variety of tools for delivering content online. Course creators can publish slideshows, publish videos, and create mash-ups of slideshows and videos synched together. Course creators can also hold live online sessions […]