The Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good morning from the Free Technology for Teachers World Headquarters in Woodstock, Maine. It’s a beautiful late fall morning here. It’s the kind of morning that makes wearing a sweater fun. It’s also the kind of morning that reminds us that winter isn’t far away and we should take care of any last-minute yard work […]

75 Google Apps Video Tutorials

One of the most popular posts of the past week was my two video introduction to Google Forms for teachers. Those videos are part of my larger, constantly growing, playlist of Google Apps tutorial videos. I now have more than 75 videos in that playlist. All of the videos were created by me using Screencast-o-matic. […]

Hands on Banking – Personal Finance Lessons for Kids

Hands on Banking is a program produced by Wells Fargo. The purpose of the program is to introduce students to the basics of personal finance including saving, budgeting, and credit management. Hands on Banking has a self-directed component for students as well as a teacher-directed component. The self-directed component of Hands on Banking features an […]

Nursery Rhyme History

Earlier this week I was chatting with a friend and we somehow got on the topic of nursery rhymes. That prompted us to Google search for an explanation of the Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme. That search landed me on a YouTube channel called Nursery Rhyme History. The channel offers sixteen short videos explaining […]

How to Create a Twitter Poll

Over the last week Twitter has been rolling out a new polling feature to its users. The new polling option allows you to post a Tweet that contains a short poll question. Using a poll is different than just asking people to reply to a question that you Tweet. When you post a poll people […]

New Video Series – The Rod & Richard Show

A few weeks ago I posted that I would soon be publishing a new video series in which Rod Berger and I answer your ed tech questions. The first episode is finally ready. We had fun recording it and Rod did a great job of editing the video. If you have ed tech questions that […]

Use Google Keep to Draw Notes on Your Android Device

Google Keep is my go-to app for writing short notes and setting reminders for myself. I’ve also used it as a mindmapping tool from time to time. Today, Google Keep for Android got a huge update. You can now draw notes in the app. To draw a note just open the app and tap the […]

An Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary

Math is Fun is a free website that offers math games, puzzles, and tutorials. One of the tutorial resources that they offer is an illustrated mathematics dictionary. The Math is Fun dictionary offers more than 700 definitions of mathematics terms. All of the definitions include an illustration. Nearly 200 of the definitions include an animation. […]

How to Create a B-roll Media Folder in Google Drive

The best way to have students avoid accidentally using copyrighted images or videos in their own projects is to use media that they’ve created themselves. One of the strategies that I frequently recommend to teachers as a way to help students avoid any copyright issues in their work is to use media from a classroom […]

Daylight Saving Time Explained

Rolling the clocks back one hour is a sure sign that winter is fast approaching North America. We’ll be doing that here this weekend. If your state or province practices Daylight Saving Time, you’ll be rolling back your clocks before bed and gaining back that hour of sleep you lost in the spring. Students may […]