Online Music Lessons, Quizzes, and Games

Image Credit: Jazzmanian Music Tech Teacher is a site developed by a music technology teacher, Ms. Karen Garrett, in Birmingham, Alabama. On Music Tech Teacher you can find dozens of online music lessons, quizzes, and games designed to help elementary school students learn to read music, learn to play music, and learn about music technology. […]

Google Tools to Support Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Over the years I’ve written about many different ways that Google tools can be used in the classroom. In fact, there are so many Google tools that can be used in the classroom that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Fortunately for all of us Kathy Schrock has created an excellent […]

What Would Darwin Think? Man Versus the Galapagos

This week’s Snag Learning film of the week is What Would Darwin Think? Man Versus the Galapagos. This 25 minute film provides an overview of Darwin’s original work in the Galapagos and the unique plants and animals that call the Galapagos home. The focus of the film is on the impact of ecotourism on the […]

Google +1 Adds Recommendations to Search Results

Google has had a real-time search option for quite a while now. Real-time search pulls in results from social media sites. Results from social media sites can provide some insight into what other people think are helpful or useful links. Today, Google announced a new search element that they’re calling +1. +1 will allow people […]

New Street View Imagery of Historic Sites in Italy & France

For more than a year now Google has been going off road with motorized tricycles and snowmobiles to capture imagery for Google Maps Street View. Today, Google released some nice Street View imagery of historic sites in Italy and France. Now you can look inside the Colosseum in Rome, get an up-close look at the Palace […]

Twitter and Twitter Search in Plain English

I was recently hired to facilitate a short workshop about using social media in high school social studies courses. One of the elements of the workshop is creating Twitter accounts and using Twitter search to find current and relevant information. One of the references that I plan to use in that workshop and as a […]

Zendo – Take Notes and Create Flashcards at the Same Time is a new service that aims to help students develop study materials while taking lecture notes. The basic idea behind is this; students take notes in the word processor in then highlight terms or sentences in their notes to have them converted into flashcards. Students take notes as they normally would in […]

Infographic – The Cost of Dropping Out

The school district I work in has a stated goal of having 80% of graduate go on to pursue post-secondary education.We (my school district) has all kinds of workshops, seminars, and plenty of statistics for students in an effort to reach that 80% goal. It’s great goal. But an equally important goal is having all […]

What’s New In Firefox 4

Last week Firefox 4 was released and I downloaded it on all of the computers that I use. After a day of using it exclusively, I Tweeted that I liked it a lot. A few days later, I Tweeted the same thing. What impresses me about Firefox 4 is how quickly it responds when I […]

3 Ways to Privately Share Videos

Videos are great for sharing the highlights of school events. That said, there are some parents who don’t want videos of their children viewable by the general public. In those cases you might want to try sharing videos in a private online environment. Here are three methods for doing that. KinKast is a new service […]