The Month in Review – July’s Most Popular Items

As I do every month, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular items from the last month. Here are the seven most popular items in the month of July, 20091. 10 Things Teachers Should Know Before 1:12. DL Hughley Reminds Us Why We Teach3. When I Become a Teacher…4. The World Images Kiosk – […]

Week in Review – Most Popular Items

According to my informal Twitter poll earlier this week, many of us are soon to be starting “back-to-school” season. I hope everyone has had time to relax and unwind before getting back into school mode. I have been at the MLTI Summer Institute for the last two days talking with teachers and administrators. The experience […]

Videos for Learning About Google Earth

The Google Earth Blog is one of my favorite resources for learning about new Google Earth developments, applications, and tools. Today, I learned that the Google Earth Blog has its own YouTube channel where you can find most of the videos featured on the blog. The Google Earth blog also posted today, a list of […]

The Math Tool Chest – Math Games in Two Languages

The Math Tool Chest is a collection of educational games that I recently learned about on Fred Delventhal’s blog. The Math Tool Chest contains eleven mathematics games and activities written in English and Spanish. The games and activities are designed for learning about the basics of mathematics including graphs, fractions, and money. Applications for EducationMath […]

Scientific American – 60 Second Science Lessons

Scientific American is a staple in school and public libraries. Tonight while reading an article about increasing creativity, I discovered the Scientific American podcasts. There are four series of podcasts created by Scientific American; 60 Second Science, 60 Second Psych, 60 Second Earth, and a longer set of podcasts called Science Talk. Applications for Education […]

Collecta, Real-time Search, and Professional Learning

Collecta is a real-time search engine that launched a little over a month ago. I’ve written about some other real-time search engines recently and you can find those articles here and here. In general all real-time search engines are designed to draw the latest links about any given topic from a variety of sources. Collecta […]

ASCEville – Learning About Civil Engineering

ASCE, the American Society of Civil Engineers, has created a website for students of all ages to learn about various aspects of civil engineering. ASCEville is an interactive website that students can use to find out how civil engineers plan sewer and transportation systems in a city. Students can also learn about the basics of […]

5 Resources for Creating and Hosting Podcasts

Audacity should be at the top of any list of resources about recording voices and sounds. Audacity is a free, open-source, program that can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Audacity gives you the ability to mix tracks, splice tracks, adjust the volume of tracks, create fades, and filter out background noise. Myna […]

Connecting Social Studies and Art Through Video

Some of you may have read my post that appeared on Wesley Fryer’s blog with the same title as this one a couple of weeks ago. Connecting Social Studies and Art Through Video Creation is the title of a workshop that I’m conducting on Thursday morning at the MLTI Summer Institute. This slideshow is a […]

Interesting Things Not Featured On This Blog

I’m often asked, “where do you find all this stuff?” The simple answer is, every day I read more than two hundred blogs and websites in my RSS reader. I also use real-time search engines to find new and timely content. Throughout the course of a day I find a lot of things that are […]