Webpage Screenshot – A Chrome Extension for Capturing Webpages

I’ve written about a bunch of screen capture tools over the years. Webpage Screenshot is another good one to add to the list. Webpage Screenshot is a Chrome extension that you can use to capture all or part of webpage. You can draw and type on screenshots you make with Webpage Screenshot. One feature of […]

Video – What Is a Leap Year?

Earlier this month I posted some resources for teaching about the history calendars and leap years. That post was reTweeted quite a bit yesterday. Thank you to everyone that reTweeted it. This morning through History for Music Lovers I found another video that does a good job of explaining what a leap year is. The […]

Plizy – Save Videos for Later on Your iPad or Android Tablet

Two weeks ago I wrote about Chill which is kind of like Pinterest for videos. This morning I started trying another service for sharing and discovering video content. That service is Plizy. Plizy is a service that allows you to browse for and save videos to playback later on your iPad or Android tablet. Plizy […]

Math Chimp Expands to Middle School

Math Chimp is a catalog of mathematics games and activities that I initially wrote about last fall. At that time they only listed resources for elementary school. Now they have expanded to cover activities and games for middle school mathematics students. While Math Chimp is far from being a revolutionary mathematics resource, the catalog is […]

SparkNotes on YouTube

From the pages of “I wish this had been available when I was in high school” I just discovered that SparkNotes has videos on YouTube. The SparkNotes YouTube channel offers 23 short animated video overviews of literature commonly read in high school courses. Below I’ve embedded the first of three videos about The Odyssey. Applications […]

Use the Chrome Browser as a Calculator

One of Wolfram Alpha’s fun features is the ability to use it like a calculator for conversions. Type something like “5 miles in feet” into Wolfram Alpha and you’ll quickly get your answer. You can also do the same thing in the Chrome browser address bar. Learn about it in the Tekzilla video embedded below.

How to Create Interactive Images Using Thinglink

Thinglink is a neat tool for creating interactive images. I first wrote about it last summer and have since mentioned it in a couple of webinars and workshops. Every time I show it to people, it is well received. In the video below, I demonstrate how easy it is to create interactive images using Thinglink. […]

Splash – Create Event Pages and Collect RSVPs

Splash is a free service that you can use to create great-looking event announcements and collect RSVPs. Using Splash you can create a one page announcement of your event. To your Splash page you can add all of the important information that attendees need to know about your event. You can customize your page with […]

Mount Everest, How Tall Is It? – A Mathematics Mystery

Image Credit: Carsten.Nebel Last night I started to read Mount Everest, The Reconnaissance 1921 which I downloaded for free from Google Books. In the introduction there is a three page explanation of the methods used to measure the height of Mount Everest. An explanation of the differences in measurements is also provided in the introduction. […]

TechSmith Announces Changes to Jing Pro

I have been a Jing and Jing Pro user for a number of years because I think it is one of the easiest tools to use for creating annotated screen capture images and screencast videos. This morning, through Stephen Ransom and then through an email from TechSmith (producers of Jing), I learned that Jing Pro […]