Einztein – Locate Online Courses and Course Materials

Einztein is a new service for locating online collegiate level courses and corresponding materials. Einztein isn’t your standard search engine as all courses listed by Einztein are reviewed by a PhD level editorial team. Each course listed by Einztein comes with a listing of the types of materials available for each course. Some courses have […]

Month in Review – May’s Most Popular Items

The school year is winding down for many of us, but there is still time to try something new in the classroom. If that’s not the case for you, May’s most popular links might give you something to think about for next fall when school starts again. Here are the ten most popular items of […]

Podcasts in Education Made Simple

Podcasts in Education Made Simple is the title of a presentation given by Andi Kenuam at EdCamp Philly. The presentation walks viewers through the nuts and bolts of podcasting in education. Andi covers the who, what, why, and how of podcasting in education. View the slides below and the video below that. Podcasts in Education […]

The Evolution of Television 1926-2010

The Evolution of Television is a timeline infographic hosted by Sterling Satellite. The infographic highlights major developments in television technology and highlights in broadcasting history. For example, did you know that JFK’s inauguration was the first to be broadcast in color? Visit Sterling Satellite to view the full size infographic. Thanks to Cool Infographics for […]

How to Export Firefox Bookmarks and Reuse Them

At the end of every school year the teachers at my school have to turn in their laptops to be reimaged. Therefore, around this time each year I’m asked to help people back-up their bookmarks. The tutorial below walks viewers through the process of saving bookmarks for reuse on another computer. If you are still […]

Delivering Modern Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans

When I started to consider going back to school to become a teacher, I spent nearly a year substitute teaching in a wide array of high school classrooms. It was mostly a very positive experience, but there were a few days when I felt like this substitute teacher, overwhelmed and frustrated. Usually, the root causes […]

Week in Review – Most Popular Items

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hopefully, the weekend brings everyone the rest and relaxation teachers need at this point in the school year. Here are the seven most popular items of the last week:1. 100 Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom2. Google Apps for Education Webinar3. Print This, Share This: Moodle Tool Guide for […]

Sciyo – Hundreds of Free Science Books and Journals

Sciyo is a free service that allows scientists to publish their works and connect with other authors. Works published on Sciyo are made available for free to visitors. Visitors can download works as PDFs. There are currently 211 free books on Sciyo. The category of books that is probably of most interest to readers of […]

FedFlix – Movies from the US Government Archives

FedFlix, hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. The topics of these films range from presidential speeches to agricultural practices to public health and safety. Some films are instructional in nature, for example there is a film for police officers on […]

Video – Space Shuttle from Hangar to Launch

The Air & Space Magazine website has a neat time-lapse video documenting the process of preparing NASA’s Discovery space shuttle for launch, the launch itself, and finally its return to Earth. The time-lapse was composed from photos taken over a six week period. Watch the video below. Thanks to Open Culture for sharing the video. […]