Technology Teacher Live Podcast Has Great Virtual Field Trips

I’ve been Twittering about virtual field trips for the last two days and I posted a couple of virtual field resources yesterday on this blog. Today, I checked out Ron Kroetz’s Tech Teacher Live podcast to see what he has been up to. Sure enough Ron’s found a couple of great virtual field trip resources. […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Number Nut – Games and Word Problems for Math is a part of the Rader’s family of educational games and activities that I learned about via Twitter (follow me here). Number Nut provides some great games with which students can practice and develop their math skills. Unlike many other Math game websites, Number Nut includes some word problems that force students to problem […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Xtimeline Updates

Xtimeline, one of the best timeline creation tools I’ve used, has just added some great new features. Some the new features include faster upload times, improved embedding capabilities, and new wiki style public editing options. The new feature that I like best is option of displaying your timeline in a traditional linear view or in […]

Zentation – Combine Video and Slideshows

Zentation is a new website with a new take on video and slide show presentation. Zentation allows users to upload slide shows and videos and sync them together. With Zentation you can share a video of yourself presenting and include an accompanying slide show. The slide shows and videos uploaded to Zentation can easily be […]

Interactive Virtual Aquarium and Marine Science Lessons

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has a great collection of interactive learning activities. The activities are categorized according to grade level and vary in format. Some of the interactive activities are like video games (Squish the Fish for 1st graders) while others are more like virtual scavenger hunts (Conservation Investigation). The games and virtual scavenger hunts […]

Biz Ed – Economics Lessons and Virtual Field Trips

BizEd is a great resource for economics lessons and virtual field trips. I started using BizEd a few years ago and it has been a valuable resource to me ever since. BizEd is a UK based website so some of the lessons and activities have to be manipulated a little bit for use in US […]

The BBC’s Day in Pictures – Worth One Thousand Lessons

The BBC runs a feature every day called the Day in Pictures that displays a small collection of photographs from around the world. For years I’ve used this resource as a conversation starter for current events discussions in my Contemporary World Studies class. The Day in Pictures collections are part of a much larger resource […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Websites That Keep Users’ Attention

Yesterday, Techcrunch ran a story with this image (among others) in response to Morgan Stanley’s evaluation of Internet trends. As you can see in the image to the left part of the story was about why Facebook is growing faster than Myspace. The explanation offered in the image to the left is based on the […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Viewzi – Visual Search Engine

Viewzi is a fun and exciting new search engine. Viewzi is good search tool because it allows users to see their search results without having to click on any links. Viewzi search results are displayed in multiple forms in what are essentially small screen shot images. Clicking on the screen shot enlarges the image where […]