Free Technology For Teachers: Great Ideas from Edutopia and ALTEC

On Edutopia there is great interview with the director of ALTEC about educators creating and sharing resources online. Click here to listen to the interview. ALTEC is the organization that developed great resources like Rubistar and QuizStar. Edutopia is a part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Edutopia has a thorough list of ideas and […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Fuzz Find- search engine aggregator

Have you ever wondered why different search engines give you different results for the same search terms? The answer is, not all search engines function the same way. The results you get from a Google search may be quite different from the results of a Yahoo search.FuzzFind is a search engine that combines the results […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Lego turns 50!

Lego turned 50 this week. Legos are not a new technology, but kids still love them. In honor of Lego’s 50th birthday I took a look at their website. The Lego website has quite a few lesson plans and based on using Legos. It is hard to find the lesson plans without digging for a […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Free (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) is a website full of hundred materials that can be used for teaching. The website does not provide lesson plans per se, but it does offer a lot of ideas about lessons and the materials to support them. The materials are categorized by subject matter although they are not […]

Free Technology For Teachers: What is RSS and Why you should use it.

Do you want an easy way to keep up with new content posted to your favorite websites? If so, start using an RSS reader. RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” What an RSS reader does is send the newest content posted on your favorite websites to you. So instead of having to go an look […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Photo Soup- Visual Word Search

Photo Soup is a new service from Yahoo and Flickr (you do not need to have an account to use the service). Photo Soup creates word searches based on images tagged with the subject you provide. Once the word search is generate (it takes only seconds to generate) you can then play the word search […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Save Webpages in their current state

Iterasi is a new free service designed to save entire web pages in their current state as opposed to saving just a link or a screen capture. Saving screen captures is nothing new, but saving the web page with its active links is a new idea. This is a great service to use if you […]

Free Technology For Teachers: Apple Learning Interchange- Video of Teaching Methods

The Apple Learning Interchange is a network for teachers interested in using technology in their classrooms. The website is sponsored by Apple, but the methods and materials on the website are not limited to Apple products. The best resource I’ve found on the Apple Learning Interchange is the videos of teaching methods in action. Click […]