The Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good morning from Maine where I’m up before most reasonable are awake on a weekend. Getting a few minutes alone to think and write requires me to get up before 5am. Having two toddlers will do that to a person. Before everyone starts stirring, I have this week’s list of the most popular posts to […]

How to Search the Smithsonian’s Open Access Collection

Earlier this week the Smithsonian launched a new open access collection. Smithsonian Open Access contains more than 2.8 million digital artifacts that you can view and download for free. While the Smithsonian Open Access homepage does have a couple of introductory videos, they’re more promotional than they are instructional. That’s why I created the following […]

How to Use Mixkit to Find Free Audio and Video Clips for Your Projects

Mixkit is a good place to find free video clips and audio clips to use in your multimedia projects. I wrote about it earlier this week and mentioned it on my podcast. For those who would prefer a visual overview of how to use Mixkit to find free audio an video clips, I offer the […]

Join Me This Summer for Two Days of Hands-on PD

The days are getting longer and even though we had a snow day yesterday, today is a beautiful day here in Maine. Before we know it kids will be showing up to school in shorts and tee-shirts again. And although the summer might feel far away, it will be here sooner than later. I’m looking […]

Google Earth Now Works in Firefox, Edge, & Opera!

I shared this news in my podcast earlier today, but just in case my podcast isn’t the first thing you listen to in the morning, I’m excited about the web version of Google Earth finally being available in Firefox, Edge, and Opera. The Tech Lead Manager and a software engineer for the Google Earth announced […]

The Practical Ed Tech Podcast – Episode 35 – Snow Day!

School was cancelled yesterday (our 98th snow day, or so it felt) so I recorded my weekly installment of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast a day early. In this episode I highlighted a couple of new resources for pictures, videos, and audio files to use in your multimedia projects. The first part of the podcast […]

Three Good Ways to Create Rubrics – Tutorials Included

In my previous post I highlighted the University of Wisconsin Stout’s collection of rubrics for multimedia projects. At the end of that post I mentioned that while the rubrics might not match exactly what you need, they can be a great starting point for developing your own rubrics. If you’re looking for a good way […]

Rubrics for Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, and More

Over the years I’ve referenced the University of Wisconsin Stout’s collection of rubrics for multimedia projects. It has been a few years since I last featured it so I think it’s time to highlight it again. UW Stout’s collection of rubrics is organized by task or project type. There are sections in the collection for […]

The Practical Ed Tech Podcast – Episode 34 Featuring Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles

This evening I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles and recording our conversation for The Practical Ed Tech Podcast. LT Rease Miles is the Director of First Year Experience at UCLA. About a month ago in Amarillo, Texas I saw her give a great presentation about hidden curriculum and the challenges […]

The Google Keep Chrome Extension is Back!

Last week the Google Keep Chrome extension stopped working. After five days of no responses from Google on the support page for the extension, the extension was updated today and has started working again. If you disabled or removed the extension last week because you were getting an “extension corrupt” message, you can now reinstall […]