Sand in Your Electronics? A Short Science Lesson

From our mobile phones to our televisions, silicon chips are a part of much of our daily lives. Where does silicon come from? Much of it comes from sand. The following video from the Chemical Heritage Foundation explains the concept of how silicon chips are created. Applications for Education This video could be good for […]

Science is Fun – Ideas and Resources for Hands-on Science Lessons

Conducting lab experiments was my favorite part of every science class that I had in middle school and high school. There was something about the hands-on aspect of science labs that always got me excited about learning. I’m sure many of you felt the same way and that your students feel that way now. Here […]

Chalkup – Distribute & Grade Assignments in Google Drive Without Using Scripts

Chalkup is a neat service that combines the concepts of Google Drive and Edmodo into one slick package. In Chalkup you can create classes to which you distribute announcements and assignments in the message board style that you find in Edmodo. Your students can sign-in to see what you post, reply to your posts, and […]

How the Sun Works

This week I’m heading back to Phoenix to work with Tony Vincent at Grand Canyon University. It is sure to be much warmer there than it is here in Woodstock, Maine. Thinking about the heat of the desert reminded me of a Minute Physics video that provides a short explanation of how the sun works […]

Build an Audience for Your Students’ Blogs Through QuadBlogging

One of my favorite uses of the Internet in school is blogging. Blogging allows students and teachers to share their ideas with an audience that reaches beyond their local settings. Students get excited when they start to see comments appearing on classroom blogs. The challenge teachers face when starting new blogs is getting enough comments […] – Registration-free Video Conferencing is a free video conferencing service that I recently learned about from Ana Maria Menezes. allows you to create a video conference room without registering for any kind of account. Your video conference room can accommodate up to eight people. To create your room just go to, pick a room name, […]

Connected Classrooms – Guided Virtual Field Trips on Google+

Connected Classrooms uses Google+ Hangouts On Air to take students on virtual field trips to museums and zoos. In these Google+ Hangouts On Air students may have the opportunity to ask questions of the museum and zoo experts that are leading the virtual field trips. You can find a complete schedule of virtual field trips on […]

Interactive Map – Decisive Moments at the Battle of Gettysburg

Decisive Moments at the Battle of Gettysburg is an interactive map hosted on The map details events of the battle and the decisions made by commanding officers on both sides of the war. You can navigate the map by using the timeline on the left-hand side of the map or by clicking the placemarks […]

#instagramELE – Using Instagram to Practice Spanish

Last week I shared with you the #mathphotoaday challenge. That challenge asks students to take pictures of objects that represent concepts in mathematics. This morning I received an email from Pilar Munday who helped to develop a similar challenge for students learning Spanish. The #instagramELE challenge asks students to take pictures of things that represent […]