Five Free Crossword Puzzle Builders

A quick search of the Internet will reveal hundreds of free crossword puzzles and other word games. Another adding the word “maker” or “builder” to the same search will return many free programs for building your own crossword puzzles. The problem with about half of those results is those websites have pop-up ads or are […]

We Didn’t Start the Fire Montage

Billy Joel’s 1989 hit song, We Didn’t Start the Fire, has been used social studies lesson plans for almost 20 years now. The song mentions major world events from 1949 through 1989. This video matches an image to every event mentioned in the song.Thanks to Open Culture for sharing the video. Applications for EducationOne way […]

Show World – Change the World One Map At a Time

Show World is an interactive mapping website that takes demographic and economic data sets and creates a map based on the data. I’ve seen this done with Google Earth and Google Maps before, but Show World is slightly different. Each time you select a different data set, the size of each country increases or decreases […]

A New Resource Depot

If you take a look at the left hand column on this blog you will notice a few changes. There are three changes that I think will make Free Technology for Teachers a better resource for visitors. First, all of the links that were in huge lists in the side columns have been condensed. All […]

The Top Five on the 1st Anniversary

Today, marks exactly one year since I wrote the first post on Free Technology for Teachers. This blog started as a small project intended to share resources with my colleagues in Oxford Hills, Maine. Over the last year Free Technology for Teachers has grown to reach more than 1200 subscribers and over 25,000 views in […]

Twitter 4 Teachers – Find Twitterers Like You

As I have written numerous times in the past, Twitter is a great place to connect with other teachers and learn about what is going on in the field of educational technologies. A couple of days ago I came across Twitter 4 Teachers. Twitter 4 Teachers is a wiki that was put together by a […]

The Networked Student – Video

Alec Couros posted this great video on his blog, Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy. If you aren’t subscribed to Alec’s blog, I highly recommend reading it and subscribing to it. Every time he posts something, I learn something new about teaching in our digital age. Applications for EducationThis video could be a great aid for […]

Timeline of Mumbai Attacks

Dipity, a collaborative, multimedia timeline service has created a timeline of the terrorist attacks that have unfolded in Mumbai. (Read more about Dipity here). The timeline is embedded below. Please note that the content is user generated. You may also want to note that you can sign up to be notified of updates to the […]

Frengly – Free Online Translator is a free online translation tool. Frengly translates text into your choice of twenty four languages. To use Frengly, type or paste a chunk of text into the box at the top of the page, select the language you would like the text translated into then press the translate button. The translation happens quickly […]

What Should I Read Next? – Recommendation Service

This One Next is a simple, but potentially very useful service. Simply type in the name of the book you’re reading and This One Next recommends the next book or books you might like. The service gets its recommendations from real people who submit their recommendations. The service also works for movies and music. Applications […]