60+ Virtual Tours & Webcams for Social Studies

Angela Cunningham is a high school school Social Studies teacher in Kentucky that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the last two ISTE conferences. Through her blog ChangeED Angela has shared some great ideas and resources for teaching history, civics, and geography. Yesterday, Angela posted a Google Map on which she’s made placemarks representing […]

Student Blogging Challenge

Disclosure: Edublogs is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. Edublogs is once again hosting a student blogging challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge is a ten week series of tasks designed to help students (and teachers) improve their blogging skills. Completing the tasks of the challenge will help students not only learn how to write […]

7 Places & Ways to Find Copyright-friendly Images

Yesterday, I published a post about NASA contributing images to Flickr’s Commons collection. The Commons is a great place to find images that are free of copyright restrictions. But, if The Commons doesn’t have what you or your students need for a multimedia project, here are seven other places you can try your search. Morgue […]

Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research

As we know, the Internet is a great place to find information on anything that sparks your curiosity. Likewise, the web is a great resource for students, but they need to know how to evaluate what they find and discern the good from the bad. That’s where we come in as teachers. And to help […]

Find Images from NASA in The Commons on Flickr

The Commons on Flickr is a good place to find public domain images from archiving institutions around the world. Today, NASA joined The Commons by contributing 180 photographs in three sets to the The Commons. The image sets are titled Building NASA, Launch and Takeoff, and NASA Center Namesakes. All of the images are available […]

Inspirational & Historic Moments on YouTube

YouTube can be a good source of material for lessons and activities in many content areas. This is particularly true for Social Studies teachers. Mashable recently published a list of ten inspirational moments on YouTube. Most of the videos in their list are not only inspirational, but also historic events. I’ve included one of the […]

BlogBooker – Turn Your Blog into a PDF Book

Last month when I wrote about Anthologize which turns WordPress blogs into PDF books or ebooks, Blogger users felt left out. Today I have good news for Blogger users that want to turn the contents of their blogs into ebooks. BlogBooker is a free service that allows you to turn your the contents of your […]

Katrina – Then and Now

Today’s episode of CNN Student News begins with segment about the effects of Hurricane Katrina still felt in New Orleans. The segment includes images taken in the days right after Hurricane Katrina hit compared with images of those same places today. The video is embedded below. Visit Larry Ferlazzo’s list for more resources for teaching […]

What’s Your Best Advice for New Teachers?

Ten days ago I asked you to share the new thing(s) you’re planning to do in the new school year. In 72 hours 140 of you responded and I shared all of your responses here. Following up on the success of that survey I’ve created another survey for us to share our best advice for […]

Back to School Tech with CNN & Mario Armstrong

As I shared yesterday, the highlight of my weekend was being mentioned by Mario Armstrong during his Saturday morning CNN segment. Yesterday’s segment was part of a series of back to school tech tips. I’ve embedded those segments below. Yesterday’s segment – Tutor.com and Free Technology for Teachers. August 21 segment – Organization toolsMy list […]