Weaving History – Create Timelines with Maps to Match

Weaving History is a promising website for history students and teachers. The purpose of Weaving History is to enable users to create timelines matched to maps.

There are two basic functions that you need to know about in Weaving History; Factlets and Threads. Factlets are where you create short summaries about an event. Factlets include dates, places, names, and other relevant information. Threads are where you string together a series of Factlets. In the Threads view you can choose between “chrono view” and “geochrono view.” Chrono view displays threads in a traditional timeline style with a list of Factlets below the timeline. The Geochrono view displays threads as placemarks on a map with timeline below. Click on any of the placemarks in the Geochrono view to see the Factlets connected to the events at those places.

Applications for Education
Weaving History could be a great way for students to construct displays of information they’ve found through their research. Connecting the timeline of Factlets to the map of Factlets could help students visualize a progression of events through time. When I first looked at Weaving History my thoughts immediately went to my US History students who sometimes struggle to remember sequences of events related to the American Revolution and where they happened.

H/T to Google Maps Mania.


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