Most Teachers Have or Will Download YouTube Videos

Last Friday I posted a survey asking for feedback about how teachers respond to YouTube being blocked by school district filters. As of 6pm EST today, there were 105 responses. Of those 105 respondents, 79 people indicated that YouTube access is denied to students. In most of those cases, YouTube access is also denied to […]

3 Great Common Craft-style Videos Made by Kids

As many readers know, I’m a big proponent of having students create videos to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. I am also a huge fan of Common Craft’s work. Therefore, I absolutely love these videos created by an 8th grade social studies class in Pennsylvania. These videos, made in the Common Craft style, are […]

Free Webinar – Tour of FRONTLINE’s Digital Nation

Via the Infinite Thinking Machine, I’ve learned that next Tuesday, December 8th at 8pm EST, PBS and Classroom 2.0 will be hosting a free webinar for educators. The webinar will be lead by Rachel Dretzin. Rachel Dretzin is the producer of FRONTLINE’s new Digital Nation project. During the webinar Ms. Dretzin will share her insights […]

Did Negroponte Predict This in 1984?

This morning Mashable and other tech blogs reported that Amazon set a new sales record for theKindlein November. Interestingly, this morning I also watched this TED Talk filmed in 1984 in which Nicholas Negroponte predicted that some day we would be reading books on small screens. It seems that Negroponte was right.

Cyber Monday, Debt in Dubai, and Christmas Trees

Today’s episode of CNN Student News covers a wide assortment of topics including the anticipated announcement on Tuesday from President Obama regarding Afghanistan, but the three main stories are about Cyber Monday, a debt problem in Dubai, and the selection of the White House Christmas Tree. The episode is embedded below. Here are some related […]

Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online

YouTube claims that twenty hours of video is uploaded to its site every minute. Much of this video is created by amateur video producers. In years past if you wanted to create video, you had to have (often expensive) recording and editing equipment. Today, the web has made it possible for anyone to create and […]

European Virtual Museum – 3D, Interactive Artifacts

The European Virtual Museum is the product of collaboration between twenty-seven European museums. The European Virtual Museum makes artifacts of European history available in interactive 3D form. Through the use of QuickTime technology the artifacts in the European Virtual Museum can be rotated for optimum viewing. Visitors to the European Virtual Museum can browse through […]

Safer Stoning at Hajj

Yesterday, Reuters published a short video outlining changes made in Mecca to ensure a higher level of safety during the Hajj. The video is embedded below. As he does for most major events around the world, Larry Ferlazzo has created a nice collection of resources for teaching and learning about Eid al-Adha. Applications for EducationIf […]

Buffalo Bill Cody – Video, Documents, and Lessons

Buffalo Bill Cody is one of the most iconic figures of the American West. American Experience, produced by PBS, has an excellent one hour program about Buffalo Bill. You can view the entire program for free on the PBS video website. In true PBS form, there are some excellent lesson plans for teachers to use […]

Week in Review – Blog Birthday #2!

It’s hard for me to believe, but today is the second anniversary of Free Technology for Teachers. Without much of a clue as to what I was doing, I started this blog two years ago today. Two years later I’ve written nearly 2500 posts. Here’s a look back at some statistics made possible by all […]