Compfight – Creative Commons Image Search

Compfight is an image search engine that I learned about in Wesley Fryer’s presentation about copyright for educators. Compfight allows you to search Flickr for Creative Commons licensed images that you can use in documents and digital presentations. Compfight gives you the choice of searching by keyword or by Flickr tag word. In the screenshot […]

The BBC News Globe

The BBC Learning Open Lab has released the prototype of a new news display, the BBC News Globe. The BBC News Globe is a continuously rotating globe that displays news from two popular RSS feeds published by the BBC. As the globe rotates a new placemarker appears for each new story in the RSS feed. […]

Animoto in the Special Education Classroom

For the last two weeks I’ve been promising to post a link to the Animoto videos that my special education students recently made. You can view the videos here. I was going to just post the link on Twitter, but on Twitter I cannot share the full story of using Animoto with my special education […]

Presidential Press Conference from 4/29/09

Last night President Obama addressed the nation. President Obama started the press conference by speaking about the Swine Flu outbreak and the government’s official response to the outbreak. Embedded below is a video of the entire press conference. Applications for EducationAs much of the press conference was about what the administration has done in the […]

5 Interesting and Educational Twitter Finds

Here are five interesting and educational things that I learned about today through my Twitter network. As always if you have something you would like to share or you would just like to get your name out there to build your Twitter network, please leave a comment. 1. Students Unplugged from @bengrey2. How Educators Harness […]

200+ Free Mathematics Books

The Free Mathematics Books section of E-Books Directory contains nearly 300 titles. The books in the collection cover topics from basic Algebra through advanced number theory and everything in between. The entire E-Books Directory contains nearly 1700 titles. The E-Books Directory provides freely downloadable textbooks, documents, and lecture notes. You can search the directory by […]

Just for Fun – Twitter in Real Life

I’m a big proponent of using Twitter as a tool for developing a personal learning network and I’ve written dozens of posts about various uses of Twitter for learning professional learning purposes. Sometimes it’s healthy to be able to poke a little fun at ourselves and have a laugh about the things that we do. […]

The First 100 Days in Pictures

President Obama has been in office for 100 days now. Earlier this week I posted some videos explaining the historical significance and current importance placed on the first 100 days. The White House has released a large collection of images of President Obama’s first 100 days in office. The images are published on The Official […]

Blog Basics for the Classroom

Teachers First provides a wealth of lesson plan resources to teachers of all K-12 content areas. Additionally, Teachers First provides teaching ideas and practical tips for classroom teachers. One such resource is their guide Blog Basics for the Classroom. Blog Basics for the Classroom is designed to provide guidance to teachers creating classroom blogs for […]

Brain Bashers – Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Brain Bashers offers visitors a nice selection of word games, logic games, and puzzles. Brain Bashers is updated regularly with many games that change daily and new games added every week. Brain Bashers was developed and is maintained by Kevin Stone. Kevin Stone is a mathematics teacher in England. Applications for EducationBrain Bashers is the […]