Mailbag – Answers to Questions from Readers

Every week I receive a questions from readers of Some of those questions are very specific to a classroom or school while others have a more broad appeal. Those with a broader appeal end up in my periodic mailbag columns. Here are some questions that I’ve recently received whose answers may benefit a number […]

The Week in Review – The Winds Are Changing

Good evening from Woodstock, Maine where the wind is howling as the temperature is dropping. At this time of year around here we see a lot of rapid shifts in the weather. The shifts make it hard to plan outdoor activities (I should have ridden my bike before the wind picked up) and it creates […]

How to Create, Edit, and Share Notes on Google Keep

After yesterday’s post about making the most of Google Keep I received a few emails from readers wanting to know a bit more about how Google Keep works. To answer those questions I recorded the short video that you see embedded below (click here if you cannot see the video).

Ten Great Tools for Telling Stories With Pictures – A PDF Handout

Composing a story from scratch comes naturally to some people. For the rest of us creating a story from scratch can be a struggle. Over the years I’ve found that using pictures helps a lot of students get started on crafting stories. In some cases I’ve had students create collages to represent elements of a […]

Chemistry and Counterfeiting – A TED-Ed Lesson

How to Spot a Counterfeit Bill is a fun TED-Ed lesson about money. In the lesson students learn about the chemistry of counterfeit detection. In other words, they learn why and how those highlighter pens work on when a store clerk runs one over a twenty dollar bill. The lesson on counterfeiting could pair nicely […]

Create Animated Videos and Presentations at the Same Time on Wideo

Wideo is a neat service for creating animated, Common Craft style videos in your web browser. I’ve been using and talking about the service for a couple of years now. Recently, Wideo added a new feature that allows you to generate presentations from your videos. When you create a video in Wideo you do so […]

How to Turn Your Blogger Blog Into a Book – Video

Last week I wrote about using BlogBooker to create a physical record of your classroom blog. Since then I’ve had a few people ask for a little more guidance on how to use BlogBooker. The video embedded below will walk you through the process of using BlogBooker with a Blogger blog.

Making the Most of Google Keep

This is a guest post from Avra Robinson (@AvraRachel) of EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site. Google Keep is a program that allows users to quickly and easily create, access and organize information such as notes and lists.  Before discovering Keep, I’d been using a different note-making app on my Android phone.  I made lists, checked […]

Try Scratch Jr. for Programming Fun on iPads and Android Tablets

If you’re looking for a learning activity that kids can do on their own at home this summer, consider introducing them and their parents to Scratch Jr. Scratch Jr. is based on the popular online Scratch program in which students can learn to program. Scratch Jr for iPad and for Android uses the same drag and drop programming principles used […]