Week in Review – Blocked from my Google Account

This week I was at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine for MLTI’s Summer Institute. I was there to talk about Google Maps, Blogger, and some lesser-known Google tools like Google Books. Everything went well the first day. On the second day, the day that I was to run two workshops about Blogger, I […]

Infographic – College Drinking, More than a Problem

Degree Scout has recently published an infographic illustrating the problems that are caused by college students’ drinking behaviors. The infographic contains statistics and citations to support the information presented. You can view the whole infographic and grab the embed code for it here. Applications for EducationThis infographic might be useful for health and wellness educators […]

Good Resources for Geography Teachers

My Wonderful World is an excellent resource for geography teachers and geography students. My Wonderful World provides a host of great ideas, lesson plans, games, videos, and visual aids for teaching and learning geography. Some of the items on My Wonderful World that immediately stand out are great links to resources about geocaching and earthcaching […]

A Simple Explanation of Geocaching

Geocaching can be a fun and educational outdoor activity. The video below from Geocaching.com explains in simple terms what geocaching is and how you can get started. There’s clearly a plug at the end for Geocaching.com’s subscription service (they also have a free service) but otherwise it’s a good introduction to geocaching. Applications for EducationHaving […]

Math in Outdoor Recreation

The Math of Rock Climbing is a video that I discovered through the Open Culture blog. I have done some rock climbing so I was interested just by the title. As I watched the video I realized that there is an opportunity to incorporate a mathematics lesson into a physical education class. My school has […]

Cloud Canvas – Edit and Create Images Online

Cloud Canvas is a free online image editing and image creation tool. Cloud Canvas fits in a niche somewhere between a simple drawing tool and a full-blown image editor like Aviary. If all you need is a tool for drawing simple pictures and diagrams, Cloud Canvas has you covered. If you need to do some […]

How to Choose a Safe Password

How to Choose a Safe Password is an educational video produced by Animated Explanations. The video does a nice job of explaining the common mistakes people make in choosing passwords for their online accounts. The video then walks viewers through how to create a strong passwords for their online accounts. The video is embedded below. […]

Why Pay for a Free Video?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the three Common Craft videos that should be in every technology integrator’s training library. In that post I mentioned that if you’re using the videos you should probably pony-up the money for the licensing (it’s cheap). I’ve gotten a couple of emails this morning asking why should someone buy […]

A Great Alternative to Traditional Book Reports

Book Trailers for Readers is a student/ teacher wiki that was recently featured on the Wikispaces blog. Book Trailers for Readers was started by Michelle Harclerode. The wiki features dozens of book previews and book reviews produced by students for students. There’s also a section of book trailers featuring the books that teachers loved when […]

3 Common Craft Videos That Should Be In Your Training Library

I’ve spent the last couple of days with Alice Barr, Sarah Sutter, and Thomas Cooper at MLTI’s summer conference working with teachers interested in learning about Google tools in their classrooms. The bulk of my responsibility was to help people create blogs. At the beginning of both of my sessions today I asked if anyone […]