The Month In Review – The Most Popular Posts

When in London… Good evening from Woodstock, Maine where it is a balmy 19F. It’s hard to believe that the first month of the year is already at its end. This month started out slowly but quickly picked up as I conducted four webinars (three for, presented at Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, […]

Learning Pod – Practice, Create, and Distribute Quizzes

Learning Pod is a free service through which students can review thousands of practice questions on a wide variety of topics. Teachers can use Learning Pod to create sets of questions to distribute to their students. When a student visits Learning Pod he or she has the option to sign-in or to use the service […]

60 Second Civics Offers Great Civics Lessons Starters

60 Second Civics is one of my favorite resources for lessons on U.S. civics and government. 60 Second Civics is a daily podcast produced by the Center for Civic Education. Each 60 Second Civics episode offers a short lesson about US Civics. Along with each episode is a one question quiz about that day’s episode. […]

Videos – The TVA, the Hoover Dam, and More Stories of the Great Depression

After watching some of the Great Depression stories mentioned in my previous post I jumped into a set of videos from the US National Archives. In those videos I found historical film footage about some of the public works put into place during the Great Depression. I’ve embedded a few of them below. Stories from […]

Watch and Listen to First Person Accounts of the Great Depression

When I taught units on the Great Depression I liked to use video and audio clips of first person accounts of the effects of the Great Depression on individuals and families. The PBS documentary on the Great Depression was a good source of those clips. I always found those stories helped my students understand the […]

How Electronics Work

A few years ago Gizmodo ran a series of mostly video posts about the inner workings of electronics. The series of four posts featured videos explaining things like resistive sensors, LEDs, diodes, volts, amps, and electrical pressure. You can find the posts in sequence here, here, here, and here. The first video in the series is embedded […]

Build Flow Charts With Connect-a-Sketch

Update: As of November 2015 this service is offline. Connect a Sketch is a free service intended to help people take their existing sketches and images and arrange them into an online flowchart. Creating a flowchart is just a matter of uploading JNP and or PNG images then arranging them into a sequence you want. […]

Play Financial Football to Learn Some Money Management Skills

Practical Money Skills hosts a series of eight online games designed to teach students some money management skills. One of the games that is timely considering that the Super Bowl is just a few days away is Financial Football. Financial Football has students answer questions about budgets, savings, and spending to move their football teams […]

The Science of American Football

The Super Bowl is just a few days away. Take advantage of your students’ interest in the big game and introduce some math and science concepts to them through NBC’s Science of Football. The Science of NFL Football is a series of ten videos from NBC Learn explaining and demonstrating math and science concepts as […]

Read and Download 250+ Art Books from the Getty Museum

Six months ago I shared with you the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of nearly 400 free art history books. Now the Getty Museum has put more than 250 art books online for anyone to read online and or download. You can find all of these books in the Getty Publications Virtual Library. You can […]