Every Third Bite – A Video All About Bees

Every Third Bite is a short (9 minutes) video all about the rapid disappearance of millions bees. The video, hosted on Snag Learning, examines some possible causes of the decline in the bee population and the ecological and economic impact of the bee population decline. As with all videos on Snag Learning the film is […]

CNN Student News – Protests in Egypt

Over the last few days I’ve had a lot of people ask me for resources about Egypt. The last 72 hours have been kind of hectic for me and I haven’t gathered links like I normally would so I’ve been telling people to check out Larry Ferlazzo’s list of resources. If you haven’t been to […]

Blogging Challenge – Widgets, Widgets, & Widgets

Today, activity 7 was posted on the Edublogs Kickstart Your Blogging Challenge. Activity 7 is all about widgets and sidebar content for your blog. In the directions for the activity, Sue Waters offers good advice about the type of widgets and number of widgets a blogger should utilize. Sue also includes directions for adding widgets […]

The Story of Bottled Water

A recent post on the Environmental Graffiti blog, Where Does Drinking Water Get Its Taste? reminded me of the Story of Bottled Water video produced by Annie Leonard and her team at The Story of Stuff. The Story of Bottled Water takes a look at the environmental and economic impacts of bottled water. Applications for Education […]

Book Lamp – A Book Recommendation Engine

Book Lamp is a new service that aims to help readers find new books that they might enjoy. Once you’ve registered on Book Lamp you can enter the title of a book you like or the name of an author you like to find a new set books you might also like. Book Lamp rates […]

My Fake Wall – Create a Fake Facebook Wall

My Fakewall is no longer functioning. Last summer I shared with you a Google Docs template for creating fake Facebook profiles. That template was designed by Derrick Waddell for his students to use to create Facebook profiles for historical figures. Today, I discovered My Fake Wall which is a tool for creating a fake Facebook […]

Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

The weekend is here and as I do every weekend, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular posts of the week. If you’ve had a busy week and you’re looking to catch up on what other readers have found interesting and useful, going through this post is a good way to do that. Before […]

11 Resources for Teaching & Learning Web Safety

Over the last three plus years I’ve reviewed a lot of resources related to web safety. Here are some of my favorite resources for teaching web safety. Welcome to the Web is a series of lessons for teaching young students how to navigate the Internet. There are seven lessons in the series although the first […]

Quicklyst – A Quick Way to Create Outlines

Quicklyst is a nice tool for taking notes and creating outlines. Quicklyst provides a simple outline template that you can use to take notes. There are two neat features of Quicklyst that really stand out. First, you can do basic web searches within the framework of taking notes. To do a search just type a […]

Remembering the Challenger 25 Years Later

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion CNN Student News has included a segment about how Christa McAuliffe is still inspiring students today. CNN also has a three minute video containing footage of the day including the audio transcript of NASA’s communications that day. The video ends with Ronald Reagan speaking to the […]