The Most Popular Posts of the Month on Free Technology for Teachers

Shells on a beach in Maine. It is the last day of July and I’m wondering where the summer has gone. I bet that some of you are wondering the same. And my friends in the southern hemisphere are probably ready for summer by now. As I do at the end of every month, I […]

Design and Development of Educational Technology – An edX Course

Design and Development of Educational Technology is a new edX course starting this fall. The six week course is part of the EdTechX series from the MIT Education Arcade. The course is designed for people who are interested in learning about the history and principles of designing educational technology. The course presents a framework for […]

Fotopedia Is Shutting Down – A Few Alternatives

Since its launch in 2009 Fotopedia has been one of my favorite places to see beautiful picture stories about national parks and natural wonders. Unfortunately, Fotopedia has just announced that it will shut down on August 10. The web service and all of the beautiful Fotopedia iPad apps will stop working on August 10th. If […]

Ocenaudio – A Free Audio Editing Tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Ocenaudio is a free audio editing tool available to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The free software enables you to create audio recordings from scratch and or edit existing audio files. Once the Ocenaudio software is installed on your computer (no registration is needed to download or install the software) you can start […]

Sketch Notes and Slides from Ed Tech Teacher Summit

Yesterday at the Ed Tech Teacher Summit in Chicago I gave an updated version of my popular presentation Discovery, Discussion, Demonstration. Douglas Kiang was kind enough to share his sketch notes of my presentation. A screenshot of Doug’s notes is posted below along with a PDF of my slides.

Haiku Deck Now Offers Syncing of Edits

Haiku Deck, the popular slideshow creation tool, has recently added a long-request feature. You can now sync edits to your slideshows between your iPad and the web version of Haiku Deck. In the updated version of the iPad app all of your presentations will automatically save to your online Haiku Deck account. You can publish […]

Eject Guests from Google+ Hangouts

Last week Google removed the need for a plugin to participate in Google+ Hangouts. This week another feature was added that makes Google+ Hangouts a little more school-friendly. Now you can eject guests from Google+ Hangouts. Participants who are in the same domain as the creator of the hangout can eject guests. If a guest […]

Blendspace Joins Wikispaces and TES – Premium Features Now Free!

Blendspace, formerly known as EdCanvas, is now a part of Wikispaces and TES. The Blendspace service will continue to run as a stand-alone service. The aspect of the merger that has the most immediate impact on teachers is that the premium features of Blendspace will now be free. The premium features allow you to collaborate […]

Three Things to do With QR Codes On Back-to-School Night

At back-to-school night parents usually end up with collection of papers that they may or may not be saved for reference throughout the school year. Use QR codes to put the odds in your favor of the information in those papers being saved. I figure that if parents and or students scan and save information […]