Week in Review – Most Popular Items

It was an interesting week here in Maine. Sunday evening we received 26 inches of snow and my home was without electricity for 45 hours. Therefore, I was not able to post anything on Monday. Despite not posting on Monday, the blog still received almost 2000 views that day. Also this week the subscriber list […]

How My Students Used Drop.io Today

I’ve written about Drop.io a number of times in the past (here, here, and here) and I continue to find new ways to take advantage of all that Drop.io has to offer. For those readers not familiar with Drop.io, the basic purpose of Drop.io is to provide a simple file, private sharing system. Drop.io gives […]

Call Graph – Record Skype Calls for Free

If you have ever participated in a Skype conversation between classrooms and wished that you could have a recording of it for later use, Call Graph may be of interest to you. Once Call Graph is installed you can record up to 1GB of Skype conversation for free. The video embedded below provides a brief […]

All My Faves – Great Websites for Kids

All My Faves is a catalog of websites covering a variety of topics. The Kids section of All My Faves features websites that are kid-friendly and in most cases designed for kids. In addition to the Kids section there is a Games section that includes intellectual/ trivia games. Applications for EducationAll My Faves is similar […]

The Travels of Odysseus in Google Earth

During the one year that I taught a literature course for 9th graders, I had to teach The Odyssey. Some of the students loved it, others hated it, and others were indifferent toward the book. One of the elements of The Odyssey that some of my students struggled with was grasping a sense of the […]

7 Resources for Creating Cartoons and Comics

There is no shortage online of tools for creating cartoons and comic strips. Every week it seems that I find at least one new comic creation tool. I’ve tried many of them and written about a few of them in the past. Today, I compiled a list of seven good cartoon and comic strip creation […]

Morgue File – Odd Name, Good Free Photos

Morgue File sounds like a website that would feature weird photos and images, but actually it’s just an odd name for a good website that provides free photos. The Morgue File photo collection contains thousands of images that anyone can use for free in academic or commercial presentations. The image collection can be searched by […]

News From the Google World

Google made two announcements today regarding Google Translate and Google Maps. Through the Official Google Blog it was announced that Google Translate has added seven more languages to its service. 41 languages are now accommodated by Google Translate. On the Google LatLong Blog it was announced that Google Maps Streetview now includes user generated images […]

Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten – 36 Years of Ideas

Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten is a website filled with great ideas for Kindergarten teachers and parents of Kindergarten students. According to the homepage, Mrs. Linda Cricthell was a teacher for 36 years with ten of those years spent in Kindergarten classrooms. Mrs. Critchell’s Kindgarten is very well organized with activities and lesson ideas categorized by months […]

A Monsters Morning

This morning, the students in my first class of the day were a little “grumpy” and “dragging.” One of my students said something to the effect of, “hey why can’t you guys be happy” which prompted my mind to think of the band REM performing “Furry Happy Monsters” on Sesame Street. So I jumped on […]