MindMup – A Mind Mapping Tool That Saves to Google Drive

MindMup is a free mind mapping tool that can be used online, with Google Drive, and on your desktop. MindMup works like most mind mapping tools in that you can create a central idea and add child and sibling nodes all over a blank canvas. MindMup nodes can contain text and links. When you’re ready […]

Tips for Securing Your WiFi Network

Google’s Good to Know site hosts a lot of good information about web technology basics. Good to Know covers topics like preventing identity theft, securing your passwords, and keeping your computer virus-free. This week securing your wifi network was added to Google Good to Know. The three minute video embedded below outlines the steps that […]

June’s Ten Most Popular Posts on Free Technology for Teachers

Good evening from Greenwood, Maine. This evening while sitting on my back deck enjoying the summer weather I’ve been thinking about the year so far. We’re half-way through 2013 and I’ve been fortunate to be invited to speak at many schools and conferences. It’s been a privilege to meet so many passionate teachers all over […]

Brain Stuff – Videos Answering Fun Science Questions

Brain Stuff is a new YouTube channel featuring short explanations to fun science questions like “how much oxygen does a person breath in a day?” and “why do feet stink?” Yesterday, I shared their explanation of how to decaffeinate coffee. The Brain Stuff channel is just one month old and it has nine videos in […]

Last Chance to Move Your RSS Subscriptions Out of Google Reader

The last day of Google Reader has arrived. Tomorrow, it will be shut-down by Google. If you haven’t moved your RSS subscriptions to another feed reader yet, do it today. Here is a list of seven Google Reader replacements that I’ve tried over the last three months. I’ve put the list in order of how […]

What’s Inside Coffee? And How Do You Decaffeinate It? – Videos

Earlier today Open Culture shared a video titled What’s Actually Inside an Average Cup of Coffee? The video, produced by Wired, gives us a short run-down of the chemical contents of brewed coffee. After watching the video I went looking for related videos on YouTube. I found How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee? published by Brain […]

Google+ Is Two, Have You Tried It Yet? You Should

Google+ turned two this week. Many teachers (and many others) have ignored it even though it has some great features. I outlined my favorite things about using Google+ in this post back in May. The short version of that post is that the connected nature of conversations and the Communities feature make it easy to […]

Instagram, Food, and Regional Differences

I’m not likely to be accused of being a hipster anytime soon, but this evening I did Instagram a picture of part of my dinner. Brown bread from a can is a central part of a “traditional Maine suppah” of baked beans, red hot dogs, and brown bread. Some folks wash it down with Moxie […]

Digg Reader – Another New Google Reader Alternative

This weekend is the last weekend that Google Reader will work. If you haven’t found a replacement for Google Reader yet, here’s another option. Digg has just released a new RSS reader called Digg Reader. You can import your Google Reader subscriptions with just one click. All of the category folders that you have in […]

Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good morning from rainy Maine. This week I had the privilege of speaking at the University of Maine at Fort Kent and at the AAFCS conference in Houston. Thank you to everyone that came to my presentations. It was great to be able to connect with many of you this week. Here are this week’s […]