11 Resources for Teaching and Learning About the Forces of Nature

After last weekend’s visit from Hurricane Irene I have forces of nature on my brain. I guess there is something about seeing a giant tree across your neighbor’s yard will do that to you. Therefore, today I assembled a list of some of my favorite resources for teaching and learning about forces of nature. This […]

Hurricane Irene Before and After in Google Earth

Although not as strong as predicted, Hurricane Irene came and went leaving a path of destruction in its wake (some of my colleagues are still without power as I write this on Wednesday morning). To show the effects of Hurricane Irene on the topography of the east coast of the U.S. a reader of the […]

A Simple App for Learning to Read Music

Music Notation Training is a simple website on which students can practice recognizing music notes. The offers practice for both bass and treble clefs. To use the site just type the letters of the notes you see displayed before you. Each time you type a letter you can instantly see if you were right or […]

Autodesk Homestyler – Design a Room or a House

Autodesk Homestyler is a good website for designing the interior of a room or of an entire house. The service is free and can be used without registering for an account (although registering for an account is an option). Using Autodesk Homestyler you can design the shape of a room, add closets, remove or add […]

Google Voice on My Syllabus – Texting Encouraged

Tomorrow, after two days of canceled classes, I am finally going to meet my new students. The first day always has me handing out my syllabus in each class. This year I have put my Google Voice number at the top of my syllabus with a note for students and parents to “please text me […]

Finally! Page Numbers in Google Documents

I don’t know why it took them so long to do this, but Google has finally added an easy way to insert page numbers into documents in Google Docs. Now you can insert page numbers into the header or footer of your pages. To do this just open the “insert” drop-down menu and select page […]

Watch2gether – Watch Videos and Discuss Them at the Same Time

Watch2gether is a neat site through which you can watch YouTube videos and host text chats about them at the same time. It is really quite easy to use Watch2gether. To get started enter a nickname for yourself (it could be your real first name) then search for a video or enter the url of […]

How To Do Research – An Interactive Map

One of the challenges that every student faces at one time or another is conducting focused and efficient research. The folks at the Kentucky Virtual Library know this and put together an interactive map of the research process for students. The map, titled How To Do Research, walks students through the research process from start […]

K12 Online Conference – Call for Submissions

The K12 Online Conference is an annual free event featuring some of the best presentations you’ll find anywhere in the K-12 world. This year’s conference will be held the week of October 17-24. The theme of this year’s conference is Purposeful Play. There is currently an open call for submissions. If you have a twenty […]

Pegby – A Free Task Management Tool for Teachers and Students

Since I started writing this blog almost four years ago I have reviewed dozens of task management tools and personal organizers. So last June when I discovered Pegby I didn’t give it a whole lot of attention at first. Then I as I explored it more and more I found that it really was a […]