The Most Popular Posts of the Month on Free Technology for Teachers

Good evening from sunny Maine. As I write this I’m enjoying a perfect summer evening sitting on my back deck and watching my dogs enjoy being dogs. Wherever you are I hope that you’re having a great evening/night/day/morning too. This month I had opportunities to speak to and work with teachers at Discovery’s Summer Institute, […]

Lessons in Computational Thinking

Google offers dozens of lessons for exploring computational thinking through the use of Python programming. Now if you’re wondering, “what the heck is Python programming?” don’t worry, I wondered the same thing. Part of the Computational Thinking resources provided by Google are lessons for teachers who don’t have any programming experience and or don’t teach […]

A Short Explanation of the European Union

If you teach global studies, current events, geography, or anything along those lines, you’ve probably found yourself explaining the European Union to your students. There many many nuances to it, but if a quick primer on it is all that your students need then you might consider sharing CGP Grey’s  video The European Union Explained. […]

North Korea Explained in Four Minutes

This afternoon I spent some time jumping from one interesting and educational YouTube video to the next. Many of those videos will be appearing in blog posts here on Free Technology for Teachers. The first one that I want to share is North Korea: Explained. This four minute video from the Vlog Brothers answers the […]

Wibki – Quickly Create Personalized Start Pages

Wibki is a free service for creating personalized start pages. It’s service that I think people that like iGoogle will like. (Remember, iGoogle is closing on November 1st). To create your start page with Wibki register with an email address or Facebook account. Wibki’s three step tutorial will quickly guide you through the process of […]

Is Your Message Clear? Have Someone Else Animate or Illustrate It

This is a problem we all face at times; we think that we’ve created a great presentation or developed a great story yet it just doesn’t resonate with our audience. This happens to our students too. One way to avoid this situation is to have someone else illustrate or animate what they think are the […]

Narrable Launches New Education Plans – Create Unlimited Audio Slideshows

I have just received an exciting email from the folks at Narrable. They have launched a new plan for educators. The new plan includes free unlimited Narrables. Now to be clear, I’m not sure if this has been rolled-out to everyone yet, their email message didn’t specify. Narrable is a neat service for creating short […]

Exploring Flipboard Magazines On the Web

Since June Flipboard has made it possible for people to collaboratively create digital magazines on their iPads, Android tablets, and in their web browsers. But to read those magazines you still had to use the Flipboard iPad or Android app. Last week that changed when Flipboard announced that you can now read Flipboard magazines in […]

DictaNote – Speak to Create Documents

A couple of years ago I tried out a Chrome extension called Speech Recognizer. Speech Recognizer allowed users to speak to create text. Speech Recognizer has been updated and is now called DictaNote. Along with the new name came a some new features of note. DictaNote can be used as a Chrome extension or as […]

Three Responses to “But I Don’t Have Time to Blog”

Earlier this month at the Authentic Learning Workshop I was asked, “what do you say to teachers who say I don’t have time for a blog?” I offered a few responses and here they are: First, don’t think of blogging as something you have to do on a daily basis. Some of my favorite bloggers […]