Using Wikis to Impress Your Administrators

Here is another short stick figure cartoon I created. This one is about impressing your school district administrators by making a wiki. Impress Your Boss With Web 2.0 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: curriculum teachers) As always, if you’re viewing this blog post in a RSS reader you may have to click […]

Five Free Bibliography Generators

One of my standard lesson plans at the beginning of each school year involves research and citation. I take my students down to the library where the librarian and I review with students a variety of research tools. Students are very good at finding information, but they almost always struggle with creating properly formatted citations. […]

A Podcast About Podcasting

I finally created a podcast for Free Technology For Teachers. The first episode is a short episode about creating podcasts with students. I also share a couple of free resources for creating podcasts. Thanks to Jim Wells, Jim Burke, Tom Grissom, and Neil Winton for sharing their ideas with me about podcasting and podcasting resources. […]

OS Survey Results

After two weeks of counting responses to the poll about operating systems that I posted I was not surprised to see that the number of schools using Windows computers was more than double the number using Apple computers and ten times the number using a Linux operating system. What did surprise me was that only […]

Global Lesson Plans

Tina Coffey at Teaching With Technology has posted a great list of online projects designed to connect classrooms across the world. One of the projects that I really like is the “A Room With a View” project designed by and hosted by Jennifer Wagner. The objective of the project is to have students around the […]

Classrooms Without Microsoft

This is an interesting slide show presentation that I found on Slide Share. The main idea of the slide show is to compare the ways that digital natives and teachers look at computers and the Internet. This slide show was given to a class that spent the year not using Microsoft. The slide show was […]

Who Wants to Be a Science Millionaire?

Jefferson Lab is a great place to find educational online games and puzzles. I discovered this resource when one of my students played “Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?” during some free computer time this afternoon. The games and puzzles are primarily designed for math and science with one word game thrown in for good measure. […]

What I Learned From a Former Student – US History Resources

This morning a student that took my US History course last year stopped by to say hello and talk about the summer. He has enlisted in the Army so we talked about that for a few minutes. (As an aside to this story, I tend to have quite a few students each year that enlist […]

A Little Inspiration to Start the Day

I have a habit of trying to watch a short “inspirational” video or listen to an “inspirational” podcast before I start my teaching day. This morning I watched a video that has been around for quite a while, Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make” performance. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up to start your day, […]

New Subscription Option

Thank you to everyone who subscribes to the RSS feed for this blog and reads the blog. Today, I’ve added a subscribe by email option. Use the link in the top right corner of the blog to receive the newest content from this blog delivered to your email.