Build Talk or Type Educational Games on TinyTap

Disclosure: TinyTap is currently an advertiser on Throughout January I wrote about creating your own educational games with TinyTap’s web-based game creation tool. I’ve covered creating a basic identification game, making your games look good, and making puzzle games. To end the month, I’m going to dive into making a game that doesn’t rely […]

Three Ways to Use Lumio for Collaborative Learning Right Now

Disclosure: Lumio is currently an advertiser on Now more than ever many students are suffering from “device-o-lation.” “What is that?” you ask. It’s what happens when students are given an activity to do on a computer, phone, or tablet and while they may be physically in a room with other people, they’re actually isolated […]

Groundhog Day Explained

On Friday my youngest daughter came home from preschool and informed me that Wednesday is Groundhog Day and tell me all about it. It’s the day, according to legend, that a groundhog will predict how much longer winter will last in the northern hemisphere. Your students might be wondering where this tradition originated. The following […]

Last Call! – 50 Tech Tuesday Tips and a Webinar

Tomorrow (January 31st) at 4pm ET I’m going to host a webinar just for those who have purchased a copy of 50 Tech Tuesday Tips. If you’ve already purchased a copy, thank you! You’ll be getting an email with webinar information soon if you haven’t already gotten it. If you haven’t yet purchased a copy, […]

Wordle, Puzzles, and Snow – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where we’re looking forward to a big snowstorm today. Depending on which forecast you believe we’re going to get anywhere from ten inches to ten feet of snow today! I’ll be happy either amount as will my daughters who want to make snowmen, sled, and ski this weekend. So that’s what […]

How to Create QR Codes for Audio Files in Google Drive

Earlier this week a reader reached out to me for advice about creating QR codes for audio recordings made by her students. Her students had made recordings using Vocaroo and then used Vocaroo’s built-in QR code generator to share the recordings. The problem they ran into is that Vocaroo deletes the recordings after a few […]

The USGS Multimedia Gallery Offers Excellent Public Domain Images and Videos

The USGS Multimedia Gallery contains large collections of educational videos, animations, audio recordings, pictures, and slideshows. As you might expect, you’ll also find lots of maps in the USGS multimedia gallery. You can browse and search the gallery according to media type, year of publication, and keyword.  In addition to the videos in the USGS Multimedia Gallery you can […]

How to Copy Images from Google Docs to Slides and Back

When you upload an image and insert it into a Google Document, it should then also be available through Google Drive to insert into future documents and into Google Slides. However, in practice it’s rarely that quick and simple. There is an easier option if you want to copy an image from a Google Document […]

Try Screencastify & Google Keep for Adding Comments to Google Docs

On Sunday evening I got an email from someone who had seen my videos about Mote and wondered if there was something similar for adding video comments to Google Docs. One of my suggestions was to try the e-Comments Chrome extension which I reviewed last spring. Another option is to use a combination of Screencastify […]

ICYMI – Webinar Recording – Two EdTech Guys Take Questions

Last week Rushton Hurley and I resumed our Two EdTech Guys Take Questions webinar series. If you missed it, you can watch the recording right here or as embedded below. Rushton does a great job of sharing links to all of the resources that we mention in the webinar. That list of resources can along […]