October’s Most Popular Ed Tech Posts

Happy Halloween! It’s almost hard to believe that the end of October is already here. This month I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting at events in Ohio and Montana. Thank you to everyone who came out to those events. I drove between the two events and I am currently on my way home. […]

Quickly Find Images for Google Presentations

Back in May Google added an integrated research tool to Google Docs. The research tool allows you to quickly find images, quotes, and links without leaving your document.  Today, Google added the research tool to Google Docs presentations and drawings. To access the research tool in Google Docs, Presentations, or Drawings just select it from […]

theLearnia – Video Lessons with a Social Network

theLearnia is a new website that is organizing video lessons into collections. The service calls the videos “lessons” and appears to have plans for adding more to the lessons than just video clips, but that doesn’t appear to have happened to most of the lessons. theLearnia has a social element that allows you to connect […]

Chromebooks in the 7th Grade Classroom

Gene Tognetti is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher and vice-principal at St. Leo the Great in San Jose, California. This is Gene’s account of using Chromebooks with students. My school (St. Leo the Great in San Jose, Ca.) has three Chromebook class sets for an ‘in school’ 1:1 program (5th through 7th grades).  We’re […]

One Nexus 10 Feature That Could Make It a Great Classroom Tablet

The big Google press event in New York City was canceled today, but Google still officially unveiled three new Nexus devices on their official blog. The device that I want to talk about here is the Nexus 10 tablet. The Nexus 10 tablet runs the latest version of Android (4.2). Google calls it a “premium […]

Chrome Remote Desktop Leaves Beta to Allow You to Offer Tech Help Remotely

I’ve written about the Chrome Remote Desktop App a couple of times this year because I think that it can be very helpful to people who play the role of tech support in their schools or just in their families. Today, Google announced that the Chrome Remote Desktop App is leaving beta. In leaving beta […]

Creative Commons in Plain English

I just published a post about creating attributions for Creative Commons licensed images. Writing that post reminded me that Creative Commons isn’t always an easy topic to understand. Whenever I give a presentation or run a workshop about student video projects, I spend time explaining what Creative Commons licensing is and its benefits for consumers […]

A Handy Attribution Helper for Flickr Images

Correctly formatting Creative Commons image attributions can be a little tricky. Alan Levine (Cog Dog Blog) has developed a Chrome extension that takes the guess work out of formatting image citations for Creative Commons works that you find on Flickr. The Flickr CC Attribution Helper generates text and HTML that you can use in webpages, […]

Double Your Productivity with Radical Co-location

Hall.com is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. This is their sponsored post. Ever wonder how software companies like Facebook and Twitter are so productive? One of the industry secrets is that teams work better and communicate more efficiently in a single, big, and open room. Research at the University of Michigan teams found […]

Bibliography Templates for Google Documents

Tools like EasyBib, refDot, and Citelighter can help students format their bibliographies. One problem with those tools is that students have to install browser extensions, create new accounts, or both in order to use them. If your students already use Google Docs there is an easy-to-access alternative. The Google Docs template gallery is a good place to […]