Edublogs Gets an iPad App

The popular student blog provider Edublogs released a new free iPad and iPhone app today. The free Edublogs app will allow you to write new posts, edit posts, upload images, upload videos, and moderate comments from your iPad or iPhone. You can even start a new blog from scratch using the app. One thing that […]

The World Wonders Project is a Must-Bookmark Site

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for alerting me to an awesome new resource from Google called the World Wonders Project. The World Wonders Project is  probably best described as a multimedia encyclopedia of 132 historic and notable sites across five continents. The project assembles Google Streetview imagery, Google Earth 3D buildings, UNESCO World Heritage information, videos, and […]

U.S. Elections for Dummies 1960-1992

Take Khan Academy for social studies, use better graphics, put an engaging speaker who is actually a social studies teacher in front of the camera and you’ll have Hip Hughes History. I mentioned Hip Hughes History a while back in a list of other history resources. This morning I want to share one of the […]

100+ Registration Free Tools for Students

One of the common obstacles to using many Web 2.0 tools in elementary school and middle school classrooms is the registration requirement that those tools have. Fortunately, there are many good Web 2.0 tools that do not require registration. Nathan Hall has started to put together a Diigo list of Web 2.0 tools that do […]

10 Things You Can Do To Make Yourself an Ed Tech Star This Summer

Credit: Sunset from Longniddry BentsRichard Webb As I watch Twitter at this time of year I see a mix of sadness, relief, and excitement that the school year is ending for many teachers. The summer is a great time to tackle some of that personal learning that got pushed to the back burner during the […]

Buying a New Laptop Soon? Read This First

Make Use Of publishes a lot of useful free guides in PDF and ePub format. The latest guide that they’ve released is Buying Laptop Computers: Your 2012 Guide To Finding Laptop Deals. This guide is free for anyone to download. You do not have to register for anything, share it, or “like” it to get […]

Shared Copy – Collaborate and Annotate on Any Webpage

Update July 2020 – This resource is no longer available. Last night I Tweeted a link to three tools for marking and sharing websites. Nathan Hall replied with the suggestion of looking at Shared Copy. Shared Copy is a tool for bookmarking, annotating, and sharing webpages. Using Shared Copy you can save a page, draw […]

Ten Game Templates to use in MS Office

This morning I received an email from someone who had seen me present at the NCTIES Conference in March. The email shared some information about some free game templates produced by Dr. Jeff Ertzberger at UNC Wilmington. UNCW EdGames offers ten free templates for creating educational review games using PowerPoint and Excel. Each template is […]

Coding Practice with Instant Feedback

Mozilla Thimble App is a free tool that allows you to write and test HTML and instantly see how your new code will look on the web. On one side of your screen you will see your code and on the other side you will see how your code looks on the web. When you’re […]

Bitly Introduces New Bookmark Options

Bitly is the URL shortener that I have been using for years. It’s simple to use, especially if you use the bookmarklet, allows you to customize URLs, and offers good statistics about use of your links. I like Bitly so much that I consider it one of the three browser tools all teachers should try. […]