More Zoho – Google Integration and an Equation Editor

While I was preparing to talk about cloud computing at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference, Zoho was busy making cloud computing even better. Zoho has announced on their blog that users of Google Docs can import documents into Zoho Writer. The directions for importation are posted below the “applications for education” portion of this […]

A Little Spelling Bee Humor

In case you missed it yesterday, the judge and a contestant at the National Spelling Bee had a little trouble with the pronunciation of a word. There is a valuable lesson for students in this video, proper pronunciation is very important.

File Sharing and Blogs and Wikis. Oh My!

This is the slide show that I’ll be using tomorrow at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference. As you might expect, it’s about using free web-based tools in education. A good portion of tomorrow’s presentation will feature three of my students demonstrating the use of these resources. These are links that are set up for […]

Thank You for Your Patience

As many of you know, tomorrow some of my students and I are presenting at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference at the University of Maine. This week I’ve been scrambling to get everything prepared, including student preparation, sub plans, etc. Therefore, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I normally would during […]

Palabea – Social Networking Meets Foreign Language Virtual Classroom

Palabea is a website for learning a foreign language through a variety of methods and media. Palabea is a free service that users can create a profile on in order to meet native speakers of the language they’re trying to learn. Users essentially become peer teachers of the language through audio or video conferencing. Palabea […]

Why Americans Know Less About the World

From the Open Culture collection of Intelligent YouTube Videos comes this short video of a TED talk from this past winter. In the video Alisa Miller explains, through maps, why Americans don’t know as much about world news as compared to their peers in other countries. Ms. Miller gives a convincing presentation that has some […]

Fun Summer Learning Activities

As summer approaches it’s time to start thinking about ways that students can continue their learning after leaving your classroom for the year. A lot of schools assign summer reading lists or summer assignments for students to complete on their own. Creating fun and meaningful summer assignments is a lot of work and not something […]

Find Money for Your School – Grant Gopher

Grant Gopher is a service that helps registered users find grants for just about any non-profit organization. The grant search engine is continuously updated to include new grant opportunities and remove expired grant opportunities. There is a free section of Grant Gopher and two “premium” subscription services offered by Grant Gopher. The free service offers […]

Art, GPS, and Geography Combine

Over the weekend CNET ran a story about a Swedish art student that claims to have created the world’s largest self-portrait using GPS and the package delivery service DHL. Whether or not the story is true is highly debatable, but regardless of truth it makes an interesting story and sparks an idea for combining Art, […]

Statetris – Tetris for Maps

Statetris combines the fun of the classic video game Tetris with learning geography. Instead of stacking blocks as quickly as possible, players have to place states or countries in the proper place as quickly as possible. Just like in Tetris as a player’s skill improves the speed of the game increases. The games are played […]