The Month in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Another month seems to have passed in a blink of my eye. As I do at the end of every month, I have a put together a list of the most popular posts of that last 30 days. A quick personal note before I jump to the list: thank you, again, to everyone who sent […]

Google Photos Will Soon Let You Create Shared Photo Albums

Yesterday, Google held a big event to unveil new products and product updates. (Click here for a summary of everything announced). One of the update announcements that jumped out to me was the announcement that soon you will be able to create shared photo pools through Google Photos. This feature will allow you to quickly […]

5 Stories Your Students Can Tell Through Maps

When people think about Google Maps, Google Earth, ESRI, and other digital maps they tend to think about what they can see, not what they can create. In a free webinar that I am leading tomorrow, I will share tools and strategies for telling stories with digital maps. Here are five of the stories that […]

Translations are Coming Soon to Remind

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo I just learned about Remind’s announcement that they’re adding a translation feature to their mobile apps. Remind’s translation function will allow parents and students to read your messages in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and English. The translations are powered by the Google Translate API which isn’t perfect, but it should […]

Weather vs. Climate – A Crash Course for Kids

A few months ago I published a list ten good resources for teaching and learning about weather. We are getting drenched with rain in Maine today so it’s a good day to share another item that can help students learn about weather. Crash Course Kids recently released two videos about weather. The first, Weather vs. […]

Mobile Location Privacy in a Nutshell – A Lesson for Students

Planet Nutshell is a company that produces some excellent animated video lessons for students of all ages. They’ve produced great videos on Internet Safety, Financial Aid, Climate Science, Health, Mathematics, and Physics. All of their videos are are now available on Vimeo as well as the Teacher Library section of Planet Nutshell. One of the Planet Nutshell Internet Safety videos that should be […]

ReadWorks Offers a New Selection of Social Studies Articles for All Grades

ReadWorks is a non-profit service that offers hundreds of lesson plans and thousands of non-fiction and fiction passages aligned to Common Core standards. Additionally, each article is listed with a Lexile score and suggested grade level. The latest batch of articles added to ReadWorks covers topics in social studies. The articles and lesson plans for […]

5 Great Ways You Can Use Google Sites With Students

On Thursday afternoon I am conducting four free webinars sponsored by SimpleK12. The first of the four is about using Google Sites with students. This post is a preview of what will be covered in the webinar 5 Great Ways You Can Use Google Sites With Students. 1. As a wiki: Google Sites can be used […]

How to Quickly Create an MP3 Recording

On Saturday I wrote about using SpeakPipe’s Voice Recorder to create short MP3 files. If you haven’t tried it yet, take a look at the video embedded below to see just how easy it is to create an MP3 recording through SpeakPipe’s Voice Recorder. Applications for Education SpeakPipe’s Voice Recorder does not require you to […]

Google Expeditions is Possibly Coming to a School Near You

Earlier this year Google unveiled a new virtual reality program for schools. The program is called Expeditions. Expeditions uses an app on the teacher’s tablet in conjunction with the Cardboard viewer to guide students on virtual reality field trips. Today, Google announced that they are bringing Expedition demonstrations and the required kits to schools all […]