Put YoLink In Your Blog

Yesterday, I published a post about YoLink. Today, I had the opportunity to meet with Brian Cheek from YoLink. Brian told me that they have just launched a new search widgets that you can in place in your blog or website. The widgets search the web as well as the content within your blog or […]

Google Earth Skills Quiz and Tutorials

This afternoon while trying to remember how to perform a small task in Google Earth I was forced to admit defeat and consult the Google Earth help page. While there I discovered something I hadn’t seen before, I discovered Google Earth: Learn, Become an Explorer. Become an Explorer is a nine part series of tutorials, […]

YoLink – Search Refinement and Bookmarking

YoLink is a free service that helps students refine their web searches and easily bookmark their findings in Diigo and EasyBib. YoLink also integrates with Google Docs account so that users can quickly move the content you bookmark in YoLink into a document. YoLink is plug-in for Firefox and Chrome. The video below shows you […]

Talking Blogging With Sue Waters from Edublogs

Tomorrow at 12:30pm (Mountain Time) Sue Waters from Edublogs and I will be hosting an ISTE Unplugged session. The topic of the session is best practices for blogging. We intend the session to be primarily a question and answer session. The session will be streamed live via Elluminate. (Click here and scroll to the bottom […]

Large Collection of Word Games & Typing Games

Word Games is a provider of a large collection of online word games and typing games. The word games range from simple word searches and crosswords to games that require players to complete sentences and phrases. The typing games are a mix of simple sentence typing for speed and games that require accuracy to “defend” […]

3 New Ways to Find Free Technology for Teachers

One of the things that has always confused some folks when I or others give them the url for this blog is the fact that I used the number 4 in the url. Often people hear the name Free Technology for Teachers and type that into their browser bars as the url for the site. […]

Interview with Rushton Hurley from Next Vista

This morning I sat down with Rushton Hurley to talk about his non-profit video service, Next Vista. I’ve written about Next Vista in the past (you can read about it here), but in a nutshell Next Vista offers a human reviewed catalog of user-generated videos. Watch the video below to hear directly from Rushton about […]

Fighting the Locked Net Monster

Today, during Mario Armstrong’s presentation at ISTE 2010 he introduced four challenges facing teachers and their use of technology in the classroom. One of those challenges is the “Locked Net Monster.” The “Locked Net Monster” refers to school administrators and IT administrators who lock down teachers’ and students’ access to the web and the wonderful […]

327,534 Free Wikis! 5 Questions With Wikispaces

I just had a great meeting with Adam Frey and James Byers from Wikispaces. For those that aren’t familiar with Wikispaces, they’ve given away nearly 330,000 free, advertising-free, wikis to teachers. Here’s the recap of my conversation with Adam and James (note, I’m paraphrasing their responses, these are not direct quotes): 1. Why give away […]

Educational Change Challenge

Here’s a good video that would be appropriate to share at the beginning of a workshop/ presentation/ conference about teaching with technology in the 21st Century. The video has me excited about the conversations already taking place at ISTE 2010 and the conversations still to come. Some highlights from the video:Who seriously believes that locking […]