Vyew – Host Online Conferences for Free

Last week I wrote about four ways to give short presentations online. This morning, through Kevin Jarrett’s excellent blog, I learned of another service to add to that list. Vyew is an online presentation tool that does not require you to download anything and can be used for free with up to 20 participants. Vyew […]

Class Blogs – Blogs for Classrooms

There is no shortage of blogging services available for free to teachers and school administrators. Some free services offer more features than others. One newer blogging service that is offering a lot to teachers at no cost is Class Blogs. Class Blogs is a blogging service based on the WordPress Multi User platform. The service […]

Vocab Genii – Challenging Vocabulary Games

Vocab Genii is a new site offering challenging vocabulary games. The basic purpose of Vocab Genii is to offer games that require players to unscramble letters to create a word that matches the definition provided. Players can select the level of difficulty for each game that they play. I tried it out this morning and found […]

Snag Learning Film of the Week – Last Voyage of the Lusitania

The last US Veteran of WWI died yesterday at 110 years old. One of the events of WWI that is often included in lessons about WWI is the sinking of the luxury passenger ship Lusitania. The sinking heightened calls in the US for joining the war, but President Wilson resisted. None-the-less, the sinking of the […]

Study Boost – Study Through IM and Text

Students use instant messaging and text messaging to communicate with each other all day long. Study Boost knows this and is trying to leverage that student habit to make studying a part of students’ text and IM habits. Here’s how it works; students sign-up on Study Boost and link their favorite IM service or SMS […]

Skype in the Classroom is Now Open

At the end of 2010 Skype announced that they were creating a directory of classrooms that want to connect with each other through Skype. This morning I learned through Read Write Web that the Skype in the Classroom community is now open. Skype in the Classroom invites teachers to create profiles that include their locations […]

The Week in Review – Nebraska to Alaska

This week I had the great opportunity to work with teachers in Nebraska and Alaska. On Monday I was in Scottsbluff, Nebraska working with the staff of ESU 13 and on Friday I was in Anchorage, Alaska working with teachers in Alaska’s Learning Network. I plan to write more about Alaska’s Learning Network very soon. […]

Graph Google Books Over Time

A couple of months ago Google launched a new application in Google Labs (the experimental section of Google products) called the Books Ngram Viewer. The Books Ngram Viewer provides users with a tool for graphing when and how frequently phrases, names, and words have appeared in the books archived by Google Books. Watch the short […]

Protests Across the Middle East on a Google Map

Through the Google Lat Long blog I discovered a site called Storyful that is producing maps of the protests  in the Middle East and North Africa. While they’re producing maps of individual countries, they’ve also produced a map about protests across the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. Like all good Google Maps, […]

Hearing Loss – Causes and Prevention

You Want to Lose Your Ears? is an infographic produced by Big Oak for the Ear Plug Superstore. As you can see in the image below, the infographic outlines some common and uncommon causes of hearing loss. The infographic also recommends some ways to prevent hearing loss. Click for source and full size image. Applications […]