June’s Most Popular Content

Every month Free Technology for Teachers continues to grow in reach thanks to all of you that subscribe, read, Tweet, re-Tweet, comment, and share. According to the number of item clicks, the following are the ten most popular items from the month of June. 1. Sparkle Box – Thousands of Free Things for Teachers2. Typing […]

Whyzz – Helps Parents Answer “Why” Questions

Whyzz is a website designed for the parents of three to eight year old children that are going through the “why” phase. Whyzz gives clear simple answers to the “why”questions like “why is the sky blue?” that children ask frequently. Parents can access the information on the site in two ways. The most direct way […]

Quick Video Reflections on NECC 2009

This morning after a breakfast hosted by Learning.com I recorded a short video with some of my thoughts about NECC 2009. Toward the end of the video I share a cute little story about some students here at NECC 2009. The video is embedded below in Viddler form so please feel free to add your […]

Tech Tech Boom Gets Kids Talking About School

Tech Tech Boom is truly one of my favorite discoveries here at NECC 09. Tech Tech Boom can best be described as a social network for high school students interested in science and math. The unique thing about Tech Tech Boom is that its user interface was designed by kids. Too often websites are designed […]

My Interview With ISTE Connects TV

Earlier today I did an interview with Joe Corbett from ISTE for ISTE Connects which was streamed streamed throughout the conference and around the web. If you missed it, you can watch it below. If you’re reading this in RSS you may need to click through to view the video.

New(er) Library of Congress Teachers’ Page

This morning I attended a session about searching the resources of the Library of Congress. The session was intended to show people some of the newer changes to the Library of Congress website. The most obvious and significant change is the replacement of the “learner” page with a “teachers” page. The teachers page is arranged […]

The Future of Food

The Future of Food is a documentary film that I first heard about when the producer appeared on an NPR interview last summer. Recently, I found the film on Snag Films and watched it in chunks over the course of a few days. The film provides an interesting look at consumption, how we got to […]

Honduras, Scoopler, and Current Events

The news broke earlier today that the President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya, had been removed from power by military force. The first thing I did upon reading this was jump on Scoopler to search for real-time links and comments on the story. Scoopler allows you to find the most recent Twitter comments and links […]

Coming Soon from Glogster

Today at NECC 2009 I met with Jim Dachos from Glogster. We had a great conversation about the future of technology in education, the challenges in getting teachers to adopt the use of technology in the classroom, and we, of course, talked about Glogster. Glogster has experienced fantastic growth in the last year. Two of […]

Find My Notes – Join the NECC Conversation

A couple of people have asked me where I’m posting notes and links from NECC 2009. I set up a Drop.io page for my notes and links from this trip. You can find that Drop here. The Drop.io page is set for public access so please feel free to add your comments and or ask […]