Play the Cash Cab Quizzes

Discovery’s Cash Cab game show is one of my favorite afternoon television programs. I often have it on in the background while grading student work or writing blog posts. Most of my students and probably many of yours will never take more than one or two NYC cab rides in their lives, but that doesn’t […]

The Week’s Most Popular Items

It was a short, but busy week here in Maine. School was closed due to weather on Wednesday. The unexpected day off allowed me to write seven blog posts. This week I accepted an invitation from Jeff and Dan at Wicked Decent Learning to join them for a recording of their awesome podcast. I’ll be […]

Remix America – Make Your Own US History Documentaries

Remix America is a new website that allows you to create your own documentary US History videos. Using the video editing technology developed by Kaltura, users can grab video clips, add images, add soundtracks, and mix them together. The editing process is made easy by the drag and drop interface. Drag and drop the elements […]

Historians on Record

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History has quite a few excellent resources for teaching US History. The teacher resource page offers online quizzes, primary source documents, and twenty comprehensive units of study complete with visual aids and links to additional resources. The units of study comprise one of the best prepackaged US History curriculums […]

AdLit – Strategies for Teaching Adolescent Literature

AdLit is a website that one of my colleagues who teaches reading recently shared with me. is all about adolescent literature. On AdLit teachers can find book lists, video interviews with authors, and a comprehensive list of strategies for teaching reading and writing. The strategies page gives detailed descriptions of how to implement each […]

Newseum – Today’s Front Pages Mapped

I view hundreds of websites and links to websites everyday so when a site grabs my attention and sucks me in like Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages did today, I have no choice but to share it with all of you. Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages application is a series of nine maps that display the current […]

Economic Education Resources from the IMF

The International Monetary Fund has some good resources that can help you help your students gain an understanding of global economics. On the IMF education page you can find resources for middle school students and high school students. One of the middle school resources I like is a game called Where in the World & […]

Scavenger Hunt Through History

Scavenger Hunt Through History is a game designed to be played by students in junction with Freedom: A History of US produced by PBS. Freedom: A History of US contains is an overview of US history containing videos, documents, and pictures. In addition to the resources previously mentioned, their are quizzes for students to test […]

Alltop – All the Top Stories on Anything and Everything

Recently, Free Technology for Teachers was added to Alltop’s list of education blogs. Alltop is an online “magazine rack” of blogs. Alltop has categories for just about any topic that you can think of. Each category on Alltop lists blog titles followed by the five most recent stories from that blog. Placing your mouse pointer […]

Louis Armstrong on Snag Films

Snag Films is one of my favorite places to find high quality documentary movies for free. One of the films featured on the front page right now is Louis Armstrong: 100th Anniversary. You can watch the film on Snag Films or “snag” the embed code and place it in your blog as I have below. […]