The Month in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good evening from Woodstock, Maine where the leaves on some trees are already starting to change colors. Fall is my favorite season of the year, but it still feels like summer is ending too soon. By now school is back in session almost everywhere around here and the few places that haven’t started will be […]

My Two Ground Rules for Collaboratively Taking Notes

Earlier today I pushed a post about using MeetingWords as a collaborative note-taking tool. In that post I mentioned the need for setting some rules for students to follow during a collaborative note-taking session. Through trial and error over the years I’ve developed a few ground rules that help collaborative note-taking be a better experience […]

Try Meeting Words for Collaboratively Taking Notes

MeetingWords is a free and registration-free service for creating an online notepad and chat room. Through MeetingWords you can quickly create an online place to collaboratively create documents with one or more partners. You can chat in real-time while creating a document on MeetingWords. Every person contributing to the documents you build is assigned a highlight […]

About Downloading YouTube Videos…

These kittens don’t violate YouTube’sTOS and we shouldn’t either 🙂 This morning I received a Facebook message from someone looking for a recommendation for a tool to use to download videos from YouTube. I get that question fairly often. Usually it is asked by people who are working in schools that block access to YouTube. […]

The Week in Review – 3300 Downloads

Good morning from Woodstock, Maine where it shaping up to be a perfect late summer day. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the sun is shining. In other words, it’s a great morning for sitting on my deck and drinking coffee while I write. I hope that wherever you are this weekend, […]

5 Things I Learned While Re-reading Invent to Learn

While book publishers send me many books to read throughout the year, very few ever get mentioned on this blog because I am not in the business of writing book reviews. That said, when I do find a book that I think many of you will enjoy, I’ll share it. When Sylvia Martinez and Gary […]

Six Tools for Creating Online Timelines – A Comparison Chart

Last winter I published a comparison of five tools for creating timelines. This week I updated that chart to include a timeline creation tool that I’ve come to love over the last seven months, HSTRY. You can read more about HSTRY and learn how to use it by clicking here. My updated chart is embedded […]

Take a Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon

Around this time last year I shared an interactive map of George Washington’s life. That map was produced by From the same organization comes a virtual tour of Mount Vernon. The virtual tour of Mount Vernon features 54 parts of George Washington’s estate. Each stop in the tour is an interactive image on which […]

Formative – Quickly Gather Responses Sketched by Students

A few weeks ago I published a review of a new assessment tool called Formative. One of the best features of Formative is the option to have students sketch responses to questions. They can sketch on their tablets, Chromebooks, or laptops and submit those sketches to you in realtime. In the video embedded below I […]

How to Quickly Create an Audio Slideshow

Summarizing the highlights of an event, summarizing the key points in a story, and summarizing the results of research project are all common purposes for creating audio slideshows. Sharalike makes it quick and easy to create a video for any of those purposes. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how quick […]